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The Other World – Episode 51

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  • Another fantastic feature of Macs is their potential high resale value, especially if you have kept your Mac in top shape, customized it with some good add-ons, and kept the original packaging. I’ve always been able to sell 1-2 year old Pros, Airs and Minis for 75% – 85% of their original value with some good marketing and perhaps throwing in a spare peripheral. I only move up if the new line has features I really like, but when I do it usually equates to a year’s rental for a couple of hundred dollars or less. PCs, on the other hand, usually sit around as door stops – some charities don’t even want them!

    I can’t afford the high end models like the Retina Display Pro, but I’ve never owned a Mac I didn’t like. With USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt it will probably be two to three years before I upgrade again. Thunderbolt has proven to be fantastic for my purposes. I can carry around a Seagate Thunderbolt adapter, stick on a 256 GB SSD, and my 128GB Air is not a 384GB SSD Air. Even booting from Thunderbolt is acceptable if you ever need to. Still hope OWC comes out with 2012 Air compatible SSDs.

    I can imagine experiencing buyers remorse if I’d bought a Retina Display Pro because of the hit on the bank account – but that remorse will remain imaginary. I’m sure many folks will be very happy with the Retina Display Pro – besides they have two weeks to change their minds.

  • I look forward to WWDC not for the purpose of getting the latest and greatest, but for purpose of getting a great deal on previous generation and refurbished devices.
    I am a device geek, but I appreciate frugality and exploit other’s buyer’s remorse.

  • Sold my 2011 11.6″ Air with 4GB / 256GB and bought a new 13″ Air with 4GB / 128GB. No buyers remorse. The 2011 Air was great, especially with the 256GB SSD upgrade. With the USB 3.0 ports and more Thunderbolt peripherals available the new Air suites me fine.

    Disappointed that the new SSDs are of a different form factor than the 2011s, but they are definitely faster, about 2X with the benchmarks I ran. I use Seagate adapters to add external SSDs and they work fine.

    Would not buy a Retina Display Pro. In my opinion too expensive and no significant upgrade paths. I do question some of the laments about the departure of ethernet and Firewire. Some have said dongles are clunky. Well, Firewire cables and ethernet cables are also clunky, so one little lump in the cables for a Thunderbolt adapter seems like petty inconvenience. I like that the Retina Display has two Thunderbolt ports, this is an advantage no one seems to talk about. I’d love to see a regular Pro or Air with two ports. I’ve really enjoyed Thunderbolt. With a little tinkering such as a SATA extension cable you can hook up any SATA drive for the price of a $99 Seagate adapter and a SATA power supple. You don’t even need the power supply with SSD drives.

    My desktop is a Mac Mini that I souped up with 16GB and 2 X 256GB SSDs. I would happily turn in my Firewire port and ethernet port for a 2nd Thunderbolt – just my preference. Would love to see OWC come out with a Thunderbolt hub that multiple Thunderbolt ports – don’t need the slowly dying Firewire.

    I do hope OWC offers SSD upgrades for the new Airs – I love OWS products and service.

    Bottom line, no remorse – bring on Airs and Pros with more Thunderbolt!