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Newer Technology miniStack Classic Storage Solution With Integrated Powered Hub Offers Maximum Capacity and Desktop Organization

Newer Technology, Inc. today introduced the miniStack Classic powered hub external storage solution. Designed to match the footprint and appearance of 2005-2009 Mac mini computers, the miniStack Classic also complements any Mac or PC by providing up to 4TB of storage/backup capacity while conserving desktop workspace. An integrated three USB 2.0 port powered hub further reduces clutter by providing a convenient way to connect and charge cellphones, tablet computers, digital cameras, and other USB-equipped devices.

Stackable Design Back by Popular Demand

Originally debuting in 2005 as the MacAddict Editor’s Choice, Macworld Top Product, and 123macmini Accessory of the Year, the Plug and Play miniStack storage solution was redesigned in the form of the new Classic model to meet customer demand. The new model offers the same appeal as previous models: a combination external drive and powered hub with connection flexibility, expanded storage capacity, and unmatched user convenience. Users can choose between FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0/1.1 interfaces for data transfer speeds up to 100MB/s. With up to 4TB of capacity and 7200RPM drive speeds, the miniStack Classic is built for the high-performance demands of storing music, photo and video libraries as well as acting as a boot drive. Users can even create a ‘power tower’ of storage capacity by stacking two or more miniStack Classics while still preserving desktop workspace.

Complements Macs, PCs, Networks, Entertainment Systems

With its multi-interface flexibility and stackable design, miniStack Classic is the ideal portable external hard drive storage solution to move among multiple Macintosh computers and laptops and virtually any Windows or Linux-based computer with a USB or FireWire port. It can also be added to an Airport Extreme wireless network via USB to wirelessly share files, perform Time Machine backups, and share other devices like printers. Plus, miniStack Classic is A/V rated for high-performance home entertainment systems and sharing content with Apple TV.

“From the very beginning, miniStack was immensely popular among Mac mini users,” said Grant Dahlke, Brand Manager, Newer Technology, Inc. “Those same users, as well as other computer users seeking maximum storage capacity and desktop organization, spoke loud and clear that they wanted us to continue offering this unique footprint design.” 

Maximum Features in a Mini Footprint

  • Ideal for storing or backing up large music, photo, and video libraries: up to 4 million JPEG photos, 1.4 million MP3 songs, or 2000 hours of video footage with data transfer rates up to 100MB/s
  • Uses 3.5″ SATA drives up to 4.0TB (or 2.5″ hard drives and SSDs via the use of a Newer Technology AdaptaDrive)
  • Up to 64MB data buffer (HDD only)
  • Up to 7200RPM speeds (HDD only)
  • FireWire 800, FireWire 400, or USB 2.0 bootable
  • Durable painted case resembles polished aluminum to complement Macs and PCs
  • Super-quiet fanless operation
  • Integrated Kensington Security Slot for theft prevention
  • Matching footprint to 2009 and earlier Mac mini (6.5″ x 6.5″ x 1.58″)
  • High-quality double-shielded connection cables included
  • Pre-configured solutions include a $100 retail value disk utility software bundle
  • Up to three-year solution warranty

Price and Availability

Featuring five pre-configured solutions from 500GB up to 4TB, as well as two ‘add your own drive’ enclosure only kits, the Newer Technology miniStack Classic is available from retailers and Newer Technology’s exclusive distributor, Other World Computing starting from as low as $67.99.

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  • When will we see the superstack for he mini, it was announced in your catalog in February.
    I’m missing the convenience of a optical drive in my new macmini.

  • This is just what I have been hoping for. As a fan of one of the first of these devices introduced by Micronet (the miniMate), I have always wanted another one for my second Mac mini. By the time I was able to make the purchase, Micronet discontinued them. Most of the offerings from other companies did not include the same features (most notably, the aluminum case) but I eventually found a “miniPal” years later that I hacked my miniMate’s innards to.

    Fast forward to today and NewerTech comes to the rescue. The original footprint with aluminum case, sata HD interface and a FW800 connection. I may miss a fourth USB port but I think I can live with that.

    All this for only $67 (bare enclosure). SOLD!!

    Ooops. Just re-read that the case is not actually aluminum. Bummer.

    • It has substantial design for heat dissipation and a very solid, quality feel. This is in the style of Apple’s Mac mini to 2009, when it was plastic… and the other miniStack model is in the style of the current 2010+ Aluminum mac mini. Both of quality and function. Thanks!

      • Okay, I’m confused. You say “this is in the style of Apple’s Mac mini to 2009, when it was plastic”, but the 2005-2009 mini wasn’t plastic (with the exception of the bottom and top piece that carried the logo). It definitely has an aluminum component.

        If the new miniStack Classic uses similar materials, then that’s a good thing. If, on the other hand, it resembles the original miniStack (all plastic) design, that would be unfortunate.

        Now the 2010-Present Mac mini uses the “Unibody” design, incorporating mostly aluminum. And, yes, I can clearly see the latest miniStack’s (non-Classic) matches this design also.

        • Ah, right…what was meant was this new Classic model resembles the orginal miniStack which was all plastic in design…and that the Classic model has a painted finish to complement the 2005-2009 mini.

  • This is pretty cool. I still have a lot of users on classic Mac minis and some of the existing miniStack V1 & V2 models are starting to burn out.

    And as always, I would love a 2 drive bay model. ;-)

  • Why, in 2012, are you introducing a product that matches the design of 2005 to 2009 products?

    So it’s smaller, and will stack on top of 2010++ Mac minis, but still? With a larger footprint, it could have been thinner, or had more features. You do offer other ministack products that match the 2010++ footprint, so why not this one?

    • This particular design works with a.) the 2005-2009 Mac mini design, b.)the Airport Extreme Base Stations, and c.) previous model miniStacks. As the proud owner of several of the previous miniStack models, I’m glad to see the return of this form factor, which allows me to conveniently add a new drive to my existing externals while still keeping a neat stack. I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates this.

      As you said, we already offer miniStacks that have the footprint of the 2010 and later mini. Now we have a miniStack for the older form factor, as well.

      Now, whatever your preferred stackable form factor is, we’ve got it covered.