OWC Tips n’ Deals – Thanksgiving Holiday Specials Edition

Greetings & Happy Thanksgiving from the OWC Team! Hard to believe it’s already here. We’ll be carving up the turkey and with trimmings all ready. As fast as these holidays come to be, it’s that time with you family gotta make count all the more. Once the moment is passed, only in memory does it exist. Ideally fond memories with lots of thanks.

While we’re being thankful and hopefully enjoying the day with family, remember those that don’t get the day off. A sincere thank you to everyone in our public services – police officers, fire fighters, doctors, med techs, ambulance drivers, all of you with jobs and responsibilities that don’t just pause because it’s a national holiday, weekend, etc. Huge thanks to those in the service and our Veterans who’s service has preserved and protected so much we sometimes forget to be thankful for. In this age of information, lots of things to complain about – just need to remember so much more there, the important things to be thankful for.

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