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Other World Computing Expands Industry’s Only SSD Upgrade Solution for Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display Computers

Other World Computing announced today its OWC Aura Pro, the industry’s only high-performance Solid State Drive upgrade for all 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina display (rMBP) computers, is now available in a 240GB capacity that offers up to 2x the capacity of the factory base SSD found in the 13″ rMBP model.

A Better Upgrade Value Than Factory Option

The 13″ rMBP comes standard with a 128GB SSD and it costs $300 to upgrade at the factory to a 256GB SSD. However, when upgrading directly with the factory, consumers have paid for that base 128GB module, but do not get that original base flash module returned to them for re-use.

The OWC Aura Pro SSD and Envoy Pro enclosure bundle comes complete with installation tools, installation video, and offers comparable cost and capacity — $319.99 and 240GB (256GB SSD before 7% over-provisioning) — to the factory 256GB upgrade option, but with the added value of being able to use the factory base SSD module as an external storage device via the Envoy Pro.

Complements Apple’s Best Designs

The OWC Envoy Pro combines elegance and functionality into a sleek, yet rugged portable storage solution that complements the design and finish of the rMBP. It’s so impressive in form and function that it inspired Jim Tanous of The Mac Observer to proclaim it “absolutely beautiful and on par with the best that has come out of Jony Ive’s (SVP of Industrial Design at Apple) labs.” While the aluminum body is protecting the drive’s data, the Envoy Pro’s minimal size allows for simple stowing in coat pockets, backpacks or briefcases. A USB 3.0/2.0 interface offers speedy transfer rates of up to 500MB/s and because the Envoy Pro is bus-powered, it doesn’t require the “leash” of an AC power adapter.

Joins Existing 480GB Model Offering Huge Savings

The new 240GB Aura Pro SSD joins the previously announced 480GB (512GB before 7% over-provisioning) Aura Pro offered at $579.99 or  as a bundle with Envoy Pro for $629.99. The 480GB Aura Pro offers a $220 savings over the comparable sized 512GB factory capacity upgrade costing $800 in the base 13″ rMBP.

Expert Tested and Reviewed

Several leading technology sites have noted the Aura Pro’s performance advantage compared to the Apple factory SSDs. pointed out “new and improved” Apple SSDs reach read speeds of 461MB per second and write speeds of 364MB per second, while the Aura Pro is rated at up to 500MB/s. Expert SSD industry source found LSI SandForce Driven™ based SSDs offer “excellent performance” over 500MB/s and that these SSDs “excel in highly compressible data testing which is the bread and butter of typical consumer use.” The Mac Observer performed extensive benchmark testing and declared “The Aura Pro SSD outperforms the Apple SSD in nearly every way. For rMBP owners (or soon-to-be-owners) who ordered a model with the stock SSD, the upgrade to the Aura Pro is a no brainer if you need more capacity, speed, or both.”

We’re very excited to expand our capacity and performance increasing SSD internal upgrades for these leading-edge Apple machines,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. “It’s a total package solution that delivers the exceptionally high-value benefit of continued use of the factory SSD via a beautiful, compact, and rugged high-performance portable storage solution.

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    • Larry,

      Any news on higher capacity options? I have the “768” from Apple, and would love the benefit of your faster SSD, but don’t want to take a step backwards in capacity. Any thing approaching the 1TB mark on the horizon?

      Also, what did you mean by “The current Apple 750GB is kind of a FrakenSSD fwiw”. Just in terms of the design necessary to stuff that much capacity given the current component options?

  • This article says:

    “available in a 240GB capacity that offers up to 2x more capacity than the factory base SSD found in the 13″ rMBP model.”

    240GB is not up to 2x more capacity than the stock 128GB. It is almost 100% (1x) more. This is simple math. Please stop exaggerating performance and capacity increases, like this.

    This article should say:

    “available in a 240GB capacity that offers almost 100% more capacity than the factory base SSD found in the 13″ rMBP model.”

    If you believe that “2x more” is correct, please state how much 1x more is.


    • Our 240GB is 256GB less the 7% over provisioning.

      128 x 1 = 128
      128 x 2 = 256

      or 128 + 128 = 256

      is still a doubling…

      So saying as we did, “up to 2X more” (or double) then is a true statement….as well as 100% as you state.

      Showing 100% sounds, to us, like an exaggeration so we often go to the small number so it is more easily accepted.

      • I mean no offense, Grant, But you appear to misunderstand the simple math that is involved here.

        “2x more” is not the same as “2x as much.”

        If you believe that 256GB is 2x more than 128GB, how much do you believe is 1x more than 128GB?

        • Guess we have different definitions of simple math….

          My kids are still in school…and they are still teaching 1 x any amount is still that same amount…

          AH…I see the problem now though…it is the word “MORE” that is changing the equation.

          Had I said up to 2x the capacity…then perhaps more accurate. Thanks for that…I will be sure to watch that phrasing in the future.

          But to be clear, there is not any intent to mislead or stretch the truth when it comes to our capacity and performance gains.

            • Yes…already noted…in my excitement to say double, twice, etc. and share the value of such with the community, “more” worked its insidious way into the news release text.:-)

              Now…back to regularly scheduled programming. And hey, at least we keep our lights on! ;-)

  • Great news, unfortunatly these blade ssd’s are not compatible with the late 2012 iMacs. When can compatible ssd’s be expected for the iMac?