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Get Your Shot With The Replay XD1080 HD

Video cameras play a crucial role in documenting our lives and experiences. It’s important to have a portable camera that’s versatile and can capture quality footage and frames where ever you go, and during any situation that may arise.

For instance, it’s essential to have a rugged camera that will survive your treacherous hikes up the stairs to record your cat chasing that elusive laser pointer. And you need a small, mountable camera so you can get a discreet, secure view of what your cat does all day while you’re gone. But most of all, you need a camera that’s light and mobile enough to strap directly on to your cat so you can bravely explore your terrifying, spider-filled basement at night.

OK, unlike most of the Internet, you do more than just record your cats with your video camera. And for your own extreme adventures, having the ultimate portable camera is essential to keep you prepared for any footage that you need to get. And the Replay XD1080 HD Video Camera Complete System is just that.

The Replay XD1080 records beautiful full HD video, while providing maximum resiliency in a water-resistant, hard anodized, rugged aluminum housing that’s up for any task, anywhere. It’s also incredibly simple to use, with easy-to-use on/off and start/stop buttons and built-in LED and vibration feedback.

And never before has an action-camera featured such a high quality lens. With its wide angle 135°, f3.1 lens, and anti-glare coating, this lens is finely-tuned to match the 5MP CMOS sensor for better clarity, accurate color, and minimal image distortion.

But what really sets the smallest and lightest full HD video action-camera on the market apart, is its portability. With its small form-factor and all-round shape, the Replay XD1080 can be mounted just about anywhere. And included with each system are two mounts that get you recording anywhere in no time.

The HeimLock Mount features spherical adjustment with an eccentric cam-lock for a rock solid mount. The HeimLock Mount offers more than 1,000,000 mounting positions with 360 degree lens rotation, 360 degree camera rotation, and 8 degrees of tilt. And for more low-profile, out-of-the-way mounting, the LowBoy Mount offers a secure 360 degree lens rotation. For even more extreme applications, special mounts are available. And if you happen to hit high speeds in your travels, the Replay XD1080 has the right combination of acoustic materials and microphones to suppress wind noise yet still capture realistic audio.

All of this is great for casual and pro users alike, but why we’re really excited to offer this camera is because of its simplicity. The camera may be made with extreme adventures in mind, but using it is anything but. Just mount it, turn it on, and hit play. It’s really that easy.

When you’re on the go, it’s nice to have a simple device that you can operate without much thought. Whether it’s strapped to your helmet, your bike, or it’s just in your hand while you chase that crazy cat around, the Replay XD1080 easily captures beautiful footage and images so you can focus on the road ahead.

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