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What We Learned From You About The NuGuard KX iPhone Case

Make Your Case – Get Our Case

That was the name of our NuGuard KX case trade-in promotion at Macworld | iWorld Expo 2013 and the concept was simple:

Tell or show us why you need to trade-in your iPhone 5 or 4/4S case and we’ll replace it with our NuGuard KX Kinetic Energy X-Orbing iPhone Case!

And, boy oh boy, were we treated to some stories about broken iPhone experiences at the show. Some owners were on their second or even third iPhone because of damage from accidental drops. From the student that crushed her iPhone in a backpack to the construction worker who admitted he drops his iPhone all the time when loading and unloading his truck, the stories were consistent – the case they chose just didn’t provide the protection they needed.

And, as a result, we had many cases turned in for the same few reasons.

“Apple offered a bumper. I thought a similar style was the cheap, easy way to go for iPhone protection”

Bumper-style cases are fine for light impacts, but some of the cases we received were so thin that they offered virtually no impact protection whatsoever.

“My case offers scratch protection, but not much in the way of protection if I drop my iPhone.”

Some were rubber, others were plastic, but none offered any real protection against a tumble out of your pocket or off your desk.

“I got the case for looks. I didn’t know a case that wasn’t so bulky could protect my iPhone too.”

The NuGuard KX comes in several fashion color combinations so you don’t have to choose style or protection. You can have both.

What absolutely shocked us though was the condition in which we received some of the trade-in cases. So many showed obvious signs of drop damage and, while the iPhone inside was just fine, the case itself just didn’t look like it would protect the iPhone if it were dropped again.

For example, take a look at these leading brand name comprehensively armored cases:

These cases have seen better days. Thankfully, those nicks, gouges, scrapes, breaks, and other damages happened to the cases instead of the iPhones they were protecting. But their usefulness has now run its course. The NuGuard KX was designed to stand-up against drop after drop and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Is your current iPhone case looking worse for the wear? Doesn’t give you a confident feeling when it comes to dropping it? Wouldn’t you prefer superior protection for your iPhone?

Then you’ll want to get a NuGuard KX….and here’s how you can get one for free.

That’s right….FREE!

Simply use your iPhone to take a video of yourself and ask for one. That’s it… Really. 

Tell us in your 30-second-or-less video clip what about the NuGuard KX excited you, impressed you, or otherwise made you want us to send you one; and email us either the video itself or a link to the video if uploaded to YouTube or other web site at before 5:00 p.m. Central Time on February 28th, 2013 and you can be one of the 50 entrants who will receive the style and color of NuGuard KX of their choosing at no charge…we even take care of the shipping. So get going on making your case to us!


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  • The one time I completely hosed an iPhone from a drop was when it landed flat, face first on a small pebble which completely shattered the screen.

    Unfortunately, no case would have prevented that.

    The thing I like most about the NuGuard KX case for the iPhone 4 is now nicely grip-able it is.

    When I first got the iPhone 4, it was constantly sliding out of my hand and would also sliding across the table slowly due to the weight of the charging cable.

    With the NuGuard KX case, it always stays put! :-)

  • I need a case before I drop my iPhone 5 and it gets damaged. Yes, I need a case.

    BTW, love my Mercury Excelsior 128GB SSD PCIe card that resurrected my Mac Pro (2008 dual processor) it just flies !