The Other World – Episode 72

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  • I agree with Kara^ The imacs fail with overheated boards , gee my 2009 iMac is worse than my old 2006 , luckily its on lease so it goes back and i wont have a new one! Am hackin a nice mac pro case with I7 K model and nice big GPU so PS and Aperture ( my Daughter and i use PS and LR for school and home editing and yes , for emails and forum surfing….) aren’t a bother to use as with the iMac which cannot handle too many windows or programs open without herniating itself and thats with mucho OWC RAM installed as well….Yes a hack is a little problematic to get stable , but a great learning experience for me in all aspects of computers whilst investigating the build and in problem solving through the many great forums. All power to the people! Maybe OWC could offer special cases for the effort??
    Ohh , they make for super fast page loading whilst sourcing parts on the OWC site too ;-)

  • Well, what does Apple expect us to do when they drag their heels? :)

    I am one of those who mostly could use the processing power of an iMac instead …. while I do things like huge compiles and video stuff at home it is for fun rather than for a paycheck. Still though, I want a tower because all-in-ones that do everything they can to keep me out are like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.