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Newer Technology Announces GripBase Podium Floor Stand For Apple iPad 2, 3, 4 And iPad mini Models

Newer Technology, Inc. announced today the NewerTech GripBase Podium floor stand for securely elevating the Apple iPad 2, 3, 4 and iPad mini to provide for maximum user viewing comfort in any setting.

Take Convenience of iPad to New Heights

The NewerTech GripBase Podium eliminates leaning over, neck straining, and/or eye squinting by raising an iPad from a viewing height of 38 inches to nearly five feet, offering 360 degree rotation for portrait or landscape viewing modes, and positioning an iPad at virtually any angle for maximum viewing comfort. The GripBase Podium easily attaches to the included protective GripStand case for iPad 2, 3, or 4 models or the GripStand mini case (not included), which holds an iPad securely while still allowing full access to all controls and connections. The GripBase Podium is also compatible with all previous generation GripStand cases.

Heavy Duty Base Provides Stability

Keeping the GripBase Podium securely grounded is a heavy-duty, plastic coated 12.55-pound base. Besides being nearly impossible to tip over, the GripBase Podium can be used confidently in active, crowded, and/or unpredictable settings, and its ribbed twist lock prevents extension shaft slippage. Should the unit need to be repositioned, it slides easily without marring or scuffing floors.

Ideal for Reading, Viewing, Recording, Presenting

With its ability to increase the comfort and convenience of iPad use, the GripBase Podium is ideal for use in a variety of settings including recording studios, boardrooms, classrooms, lecture halls, and even reading in bed.

GripBase Podium Key Features:

  • Extends from 38 inches to nearly five feet high
  • Ribbed twist lock prevents extension shaft slippage
  • Full 360 degree rotation for limitless display positioning
  • Tilt and swivel to virtually any angle
  • Heavy duty, plastic coated 12.55 pound base
  • Included protective GripStand case (for iPad 2, 3, and 4 models) attaches and removes in seconds for mobile use
  • Compatible with all previous generation GripStand cases

When recording music or making a presentation using your iPad or iPad mini, you shouldn’t have any concerns about your viewing comfort or how secure your device is,” said Grant Dahlke, Brand Manager, Newer Technology, Inc. “With the sturdy and flexible GripBase Podium, you’ll be able to adjust your iPad to whatever height or angle you desire so you can stay focused on the task at hand.”

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  • Hi,
    A few questions:
    How is the 38″ lower height measured? From the floor to what point on the iPad?
    Does this include the rotating handle/stand for use when off the floor stand?
    Could we have a picture of the back?

    • The 38″ is from the floor to the top of the iPad in a vertical position.
      The GripBase Podium is sold as a stand-alone product, but the components are interchangeable with our existing GripStand and GripBase products (sold separately).
      Here is a photo of the back:
      rear view

      • Thanks for the picture and info about the height.
        I finally decided to try it but I was taken aback by the $30 for shipping.
        I realize the cost is because of size and weight, but I’m back to just thinking about it.
        How about a version that would fit on one of my existing microphone stands?

  • This is fantastic!

    If and when I go back to giving media-rich lectures, I’d need two or three of these, with iPads, side by side — one for lighting and A/V control interfaces, one for media presentation, and possibly an optional one for outlines and lecture notes.

    Dim the displays and place some red gels over them (much like screen protectors — though a software solution would be better if it didn’t involve jail-breaking), and I could easily use them in a darkened theater — though of course they’d illuminate me with a rather demonic glow.

    I’d want to run charging power to each device, as experience has taught me to take a belt-and-suspenders approach to such things. Likewise, every device would be a clone, with ready copies of all apps and files.