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Text And Type With The Matias Tactile One Keyboard

Who doesn’t have a friend or relative that sends you texts like “W Hen will youb e hoem banana pudding?” or “Matter to me, let’s get mustache for dinner.” It’s tempting to ignore these texts that are so obviously typed with reckless abandon, but what happens when they’re sent by someone you actually want to talk to? Unfortunately, you’re stuck—you have to put in the effort to decipher these texts.

You have a few options in this situation. First, you could continue playing Mad Gab and read their messages out loud to see what they could possibly sound like. (“Eye Mull of Musheen? Eye Mull…OH they mean ‘I’m a love machine..’ Wait…why is my grandmother texting me this…?”). You could assume that they actually do want mustache for dinner, and immediately look for a new friend. You can even peruse the keyboard to see what neighboring keys they are likely to have pressed while trying to text you about bologna sandwiches.

But what if these texts aren’t just recklessly sent? What if someone is trying to accurately text you but a combination of technology and physiology is getting in their way? Yes, odds are someone you know complains about having fingers that are too big for the average touch screen.

The good news is these individuals have a few options to solve their problems. They can keep their flip phones from 2001 with the big keys and simply refuse to text. Or they can have smartphones but make a smart decision—to purchase a Matias Tactile One Keyboard to go with it!

The Tactile One allows you to switch between typing on your Mac or PC and your iPhone, iPad, or any other device that supports Bluetooth keyboards. With one click, you can switch back and forth between devices. With actual keys, texting becomes a breeze and fewer errors are likely to occur.

It also has a built in nook for your iPhone to nestle in so you can always see what’s going on. Because who hasn’t been typing, working hard on work things…(okay, reading every article on BuzzFeed) and doesn’t notice that someone has texted you because your phone is way over there and your cat is probably laying on top of it. And let’s be real—you only have two hands to work with anyway and one of them is typing and one of them is holding a Twinkie (they’re coming back July 15th you know!). Plus it’s frustrating and time consuming to have to stop typing, pick up your device, and text your mom that yes, in fact you are doing drugs in the bad part of town and that even worse you won’t be home for dinner. The Matias Tactile One steps in to save the day and solve all of these problems.

The Tactile One solves another common problem too—the flat, wide keys on many keyboards today are very sleek looking, but often make it too easy to slide out of home row and start typing nonsensical jabber. The Tactile Pro allows for swift typing with its sculpted keytops (much like my sculpted abs…not believing it? Okay, me neither.) But the sculpted keys are curved to fit your fingertips and help keep your typing as accurate as possible.

No matter who you are, life gets a little easier with the Matias Tactile One Keyboard. And as fun as it is to receive texts that say “Peanut butter come over at sunscreen,” the Tactile One can eliminate these “deciphering-required” texts. But don’t worry, there are always those texts that get sent around 3am on Friday and Saturday nights that are equally as good.

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