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On-The-Go, Built to Last

OWC On-The-Go

What’s the difference between the OWC On-The-Go drives above? All are in perfect working condition, but the one the right is from 2013, the one in the middle from 2009, the one on the left is from 2001. That’s a whopping 12 years of service.

While the interfaces may have changed over time, what we refer to affectionately internally in OWC shorthand as the “OTG”, is a drive that many an OWC customer has come to rely on for their portability coupled with a sturdy reliability.

The OTG has been an OWC top seller since its introduction in 2001, and in 2002 was the first 7200RPM portable drive on the market. The On-the-Go also has been updated numerous times in its existence to have the largest capacity and fastest possible drives available, including models driven by OWC SSDs.

I bought an OTG as a backup drive in 2001 and this simple little HD has been through hell and high water (nearly quite literally on that part, re:Hurricane Katrina). Using it off and on throughout the last 12 years, it’s never failed me once. It’s as solid as they come and — forgive my dramatics here — it’s a testament to both the quality and care OWC puts into the drives they sell. It’s one of the reasons I always go to OWC when I’m in need of anything like this and why I always recommend OWC to everyone for what they sell.” – Ralph F., OWC Customer.

While the 2001 model’s warranty may have expired long ago, we always love when an investment in technology goes the distance. Especially since we’re all about upgrading your Mac to make it last as long and as possible.

That’s not to say every drive will last 12+ years, but it’s nice to know the possibility is there. Begin your adventure with an On-The-Go today.

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  • I would love a thunderbolt to USB 3 converter, my 2011 imac is great except for the outdated USB 2 ports, but includes a thunderbolt port.

    I was hoping at some point a full speed USB 3 adapter would be made to upgrade this computer. (The Belkin device includes all kinds of ports an iMac owner doesn’t need, and the USB 3 on the dock is not full speed, but 2/3 of USB 3 speed.)

    The matrix dock only has one thunderbolt port, so you can’t daisy chain to another thunderbolt device (several macs only have one thunderbolt port, so this adapter kills the chain.)

  • Thunderbolt is a huge waste for a single drive enclosure. USB 3 is more than fast enough for a single drive like this and it will work with every computer with USB on it. I don’t want Thunderbolt and its $50 cables and its limited install base. I’ve seen the costs of Thunderbolt and your easily looking at a minimum $70 increase in price for a product with Thunderbolt let alone dual port Thunderbolt.

    Thunderbolt would be nice in something like the Qx2 but for things like this “OTG” or the Voyager it wouldn’t have any performance benefit over USB 3.

  • So when will the Thunderbolt-based OTG be coming along…?

    I’m also looking forward to a dual-slot Thunderbolt-based OTG…

    • We have not been sitting idle and are hard at work on a significant roll out of Thunderbolt-equipped products but do not have any ETA to announce at this time. I do believe our forthcoming OWC and NewerTech Thunderbolt equipped solutions will be well worth the wait.