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Get Screen Protection That’s Hammer-Hit Tough

We all know it’s practically inevitable. And many of us have learned the hard way that bad things can happen to your iPhone and iPad.

But when you forget your iPhone on the roof of your car or just flat out drop it, it’s not just the body of your device that needs protection. You want to protect its pretty little face, too. Now you can get the same X-treme protection of a NuGuard KX case for your phone’s screen with the hammer-hit tough KXs impact x-orbing screen armor.

Please do not attempt to hit your iPhone with a hammer...
Please do not attempt to hit your iPhone with a hammer…

The NuGuard KXs screen provides incredible scratch, shatter, and impact protection with great function that doesn’t impede the display, and at a price you’d pay for just a basic screen cover.

The KXs has three unique layers to protect, absorb and adhere to your screen. KXs is clear so you’ll enjoy your devices beautiful Retina display and it won’t yellow or become hazy over time and it adheres without the need of liquids so there’s no sticky residue.

But the true protection of the KXs comes from the military-grade kinetic energy x-orbing protection layer that’s hammer-hit tough with a 3H hardness scale rating. It can even self-heal from minor impact dents!

So pick up a NuGuard KX case and KXs screen armor (also available in a “Case Friendly” model designed with a small gap around its edges to fit perfectly with the KX and nearly any protective case) for ultimate protection for your iPhone or iPad. And with Dec. 25 right around the corner, be sure to help your family and friends have a great and iDevice-safe Xmas! (Just don’t shoot your iPhone out…)

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  • I stopped using the NuGuard case because over time, it would wedge itself under my screen projection and start scraping off the edges.

    Can you update the blog to detail the differences between 2 versions of the screen armor? (regular vs screen friendly)

    • Hi MacRat! The KXs does come in a Case Friendly model that has a small gap around the edges to prevent damage to the KXs from a protective case. This makes it an ideal fit with the NuGuard KX or nearly any other case on the market.