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OWC Thunderbolt Connectivity High-Performance Copper and Optical Cables Now Available up to 30 Meter Length

PR_OWC_30MThunderboltOther World Computing today announced at CES 2014 that it has rounded out its array of OWC Thunderbolt™ cable offerings with three new optical cable lengths of 10M, 20M, and 30M. Longer length options allow noisy storage appliances to be moved to equipment closet for a quiet and productive workplace.

Perfect cables for Thunderbolt-based production workflows and data needs for today and beyond

  • Utilize latest Thunderbolt chipsets for high-speed 10Gb/s Thunderbolt and 20Gb/s Thunderbolt 2 devices
  • Enhance video workflow with support for faster 4K video transfers + 4K display capabilities via DisplayPort 1.2
  • Able to Daisy-chain up to six Thunderbolt devices
  • Can be used for Target Disk Mode between two Macs that support Thunderbolt
  • Enables new iMac® as a display for a MacBook Pro® equipped with Thunderbolt
  • OWC One-Year Warranty
  • Enhances video workflows with support for faster 4K video transfers + 4K display capabilities via DisplayPort 1.2

OWC Thunderbolt cables are built to the highest standards for use with 10Gb/s Thunderbolt and 20Gb/s Thunderbolt 2 devices supporting the very latest Thunderbolt and Displayport capabilities.

Available immediately in six different length choices, check out the entire line of OWC Thunderbolt Cables:

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  • I “had” a 5.5m/18ft Corning cable that failed after 18 months — what is the guarantee that this wont fail as well. Most warrantees are good fora a year and for OVER $200 this become expensive really fast.

  • Hi there from Australia, hey I have recording studio and want to get my Sonnox box out of my control room . Its has two madi devices running from it and then connects to my iMac via a thunderbolt cable. I need about ten metres of thunderbolt cable and two optical madi cables of 10mts. Will this affect my speed of recording or signal ??

    • Great question Craig! With the OWC 10M Thunderbolt cable there will not be a large distinguishable difference in speed.

      At this time we do not sell MADI cables but, we do ship to Australia!

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!

  • I just bought and hooked up my new Thuderbay4 to my new Imac Retina5. I first used a long 2 meter cable from Cable Matters, but couldn’t get a data signal. I then hooked up the bay with short cable supplied with the device and it worked perfectly. So, do you have a longer cable available that works??? I love this thing!!! Beat’s the heck out of my old Mac Pro!! And I was so afraid to move on…had that anchor since 2009!
    Thanks for your help!!

  • Great. Now, please implement also Thunderbolt 2 in the Mercury Elite Pro and on the Mercury Elite Pro mini external hard disks and it will be perfect! Thanks.

  • Nice work OWC. But there’s still a missing Thunderbolt solution. Apple’s new Thunderbolt displays have a 2nd TB port, which could be ideal for using one display between two Macs (the primary TB connection on the Apple display is a hard-wired power/audio cord ideal for laptops). But the Apple display doesn’t have any way (that I know of) to choose between the two TB inputs for its video feed (which is odd – nearly any other video display can choose between inputs).
    Doesn’t seem like there are any Thunderbolt A/B switches on the market. One could manually plug and unplug one TB cable or the other to force the display’s video, but if the Mac Mini is remote or hard to reach (bolted under a desk using one of the mounts you sell), then we can’t easily unplug the TB cable from the Mini. And the accessory TB port on the back of the Apple display is not easy to reach either. Since TB A/B switches don’t exist, it would be nice if a TB-male to TB-female jumper was available to allow regular plugging/unplugging of TB cables in an accessible location facilitated by the jumper’s reach…

  • Dear OWC, great work on the new mac pro testing and providing the various upgrade paths.

    The question is what to do with the old mac pro, once we have the new shiny mac pro on our desks. There are various PCI expansion chassis available to re-use legacy cards etc., but looking at these optic TB cables, I was wondering if you of any TB card that can turn your legacy MP into an PCI expansion chassis?

    The cables are long enough to hide the legacy MP somewhere out of sight!

    The Magma Robben 3 uses a PCI card to add the TB ports to its chassis so any views on what cards they use and whether or not it can be installed in a legacy MP 4,1?

  • Will the new optical cables work with bus powered devices (buffalo ministation thunderbolt, for example) or do they have to be AC powered devices?

    Is there any problems mixing copper & optical cables in the same chain?

    • The 10m, 20m, and 30m cables are optical which do not carry bus power. When connecting to one of the 10m, 20m, or 30m cables the device will need to be powered by its own power supply.