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Get The Most Out Of Your PlayStation 4 With OWC

PR_OWC_PS4SSDSo, you bought yourself a PlayStation 4 and you’re ready to start playing. Not so fast…before you can play, you have to download your first game. And that’s the moment you realize that many games will take up a decent chunk of your 500GB stock hard drive.

Then you start doing the math. How many games can you fit with some downloads being up to 50GB? No one wants to see the pop-up message telling you that you do not have enough space to download your next favorite game.

Well, once again OWC has the solution for you. We have all the space you could want, letting your double or even triple your PS4’s capacity, starting at just $99.99. Or perhaps you are a performance gamer looking for the quickest load times possible. Our SSD options will cover that and give you faster load, saving and boot times.

The PS4 is a leap forward in several ways for gaming, but Sony saw it fit to keep the limiting 500GB standard hard drive. Luckily, if you upgrade the hard drive for more space or better performance, the warranty will stay intact.

Sony’s PlayStation team must be made up of quick learners and DIY enthusiast because they made it possible for almost anyone to make this upgrade. The PS4’s hard drive is one of the quickest and easiest upgrades you will ever do to any console you ever own. And to complement our bundle, we even show you how to do it here with our DIY video:

Sony learned from the popularity of PS3 hard drive upgrades (this kit is also compatible with the PS3), and the PS4 is no different when it comes to upgradability.

And not only can you gain valuable data space for your PS4, but you now have an extra 500GB hard drive that you can use for your computer or portable storage after installing the original HDD in the included OWC Express enclosure! Who doesn’t need that?

All in all, you are getting a great deal on not only a PS4 upgrade but an external hard drive solution as well!

So whether you are looking for more space or more speed, we have the right kit for you!

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