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Happy 30th Birthday, Macintosh!

master_mac30The Mac officially turns 30 today, and Apple is celebrating in style with great home page imagery and cool Timeline and Your First Mac sections of the website. Of course, there’s also an awesome Apple video that celebrates the 30th birthday event.

Obviously, we’re huge “Mac heads” here at OWC, and we couldn’t be happier that the Mac has hit this major milestone. Many of us, and our customers, lived during the revolution and remember its launch. While some of us, and those newer to Mac, were born after 1984 and recognize that without the Mac, much of what we do today in computing would be vastly different. Just imagine if point and click didn’t exist, or if the Palm Treo was still the best “smartphone” around (iOS comes from OS X). It really is difficult to fathom.

What makes the Mac worthy of a birthday celebration? 

Since many a word has been written to pontificate about the greatness of the Mac, I won’t need to go into such great lengths, and I’ll keep it short and sweet. Simply put: Apple with the Mac made computing friendly to humans. And that’s a revolution/revelation worth celebrating.

Anyway, here are some of the great things to go see on the web today:

OWC’s founder and CEO (OWC Larry) shares some thoughts on the Mac turning 30:

I was huge Apple IIGS fan. Huge. But I grew tired of waiting for external agencies to create OWC ads, and I purchased OWC’s and my first Mac to bring ad production in house. It was a Mac IIsi with a great laser printer bundle deal, and it changed everything. Even a screen saver as simple as “After Dark” was totally cool with its cool space/asteroids kind of shoot ’em up game as one of the featured “savers”. I quickly grew great respect for the Mac platform using Quark to create OWC ads, and then the rest was history. 

OWC then went full bore into making the Mac computing experience faster. The first being the OWC Rocket for those IIsi and IIci models, later 6100/7100/8100 – and not long after – making full out processor upgrades, and continuing on with OWC Memory upgrades, PRAM batteries, laptop batteries worthy of being in Apple computers, drive upgrades, optical drives, external drives, and all the way up to the SSD revolution.

OWC has a unique 25 year history that is intertwined with Apple, and we couldn’t be happier that Apple has reached this computing milestone with the Mac celebrating its 30th birthday. We look forward to 30 more and beyond.

Happy birthday, Mac and congrats, Apple. 

From your friends at OWC.

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