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OWC Public Service Announcement: NuGuard KX Cases Necessary For Safe Gaming

PR_KX_iPhone5CHello again everyone! Some of you may or may not have already heard about the new game 2048. If you haven’t yet, my sincere apologies for drawing it to your attention. It has been noted that there is a large incidence of addiction found with those who play this game. There is also a large correlation of damaged computers, iPads and iPhones among those who play.

The term “rage quit” may be an apt description for those of us who have yet to obtain the coveted 2048 tile even though you’ve reached 1024 about a thousand times and have even had a couple of the larger numbers lined up and ready to go right before everything fell apart and that mocking “try again” popped up for the 50th time today! *ahem..*

The point is, we at OWC would like to remind everyone that safe gaming is fun gaming. Friends don’t let friends play the mobile version of 2048 without a NuGuard KX case.

We have a wide range of KX cases available, from the iPad Air to the iPhone 4 as well as the hammer-hit tough KXs to protect your screen. So do the right thing; share the link and save an iDevice.

Good luck everyone!  Happy gaming!

OWC Laura
the authorOWC Laura
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