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NewerTech miniStack MAX: The Missing Link

PR_ministackMAXThe Mac and PC roadmap is moving away from optical drives. Many computers are just becoming screens with keyboards attached, a charging port, and maybe a single USB port. What else could you need? As with many things though, you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone.

The NewerTech miniStack MAX provides you all the things you loved about computers from a few years ago and much more. Not only do you get an optical drive that can serve as a Blu-ray/CD/DVD drive, you also get an enclosure that houses a high capacity hard drive, SD card reader, and USB powered hub. In fact, the miniStack MAX is the only 4-in-1 solution on the market.

It’s compact size and stylish design complement any Mac or PC while offering fully bootable data storage/backup along with three USB ports for powering and charging your external devices. The SD card reader is a perfect way to quickly transfer pictures and video from your digital camera and smartphone.

I know I am not the only one that has needed more hard drive space, more ports, or held a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray in their hand and looked at their brand new computer and thought, “Well, what exactly am I supposed to do now?”

Get all the technology you need in a small, well thought out, package with the NewerTech miniStack MAX. This is one of our most talked about products and for good reason. And as Macs and PCs continue to evolve, there’s no reason not to own one.

OWC Larry
the authorOWC Larry
OWC Founder & CEO
Larry O'Connor is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Illinois-based Other World Computing (OWC®). Starting as a one-man business in 1988, O'Connor has provided the leadership and vision to establish OWC as the leading provider of technology products and services today.
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  • “…or held a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray in their hand…”

    I admit, I have held a disc recently, because I was trying to boot an iLamp. :-)

    Which didn’t work and I booted from an external hard drive instead.

  • Why does price difference between the DVD and BD models change for each capacity size? (i.e. on the no hard version the Blu Ray costs $78 more, on the 1TB option the BD version costs $70 more, on the 3 TB option it costs $93 more, and on the 5TB option it costs $100 more)