OWC Tips n’ Deals Labor Day Weekend – New Macs around corner, OWC ‘Garage Sale’ notice, & more

Greetings from your friends in Woodstock! It’s practically a shock to my
system for school to already be in gear and Labor Day Weekend to be upon us.
Where did this crazy summer go? From saying a goodbye in early July to welcoming my third child into the world at the end of July. On an impulse it’s very easy, for me at least, to be wondering how the summer breezed by – but with a moment of thought to the matter, really is no wonder. As so, life goes on. :)

Big plans for a our next newsletter and it will be loaded… At the moment, all indications are that the next MacBook Pro and possibly MacBook model updates are imminent from Apple. In prior years we have seen new model intros right after Labor Day weekend. I expect this will be the case this year as well, and if not, certainly sometime very soon after. I will be surprised if there isn’t some new Mac next week… Beyond stupefied should we not see any new Macs in September. Oh, probably some new iPod soon too… But we’re looking to talk Mac.

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