New Apple Ad Shows Our ‘Love’ for MacBook Air

PR_air2012auraApple’s latest TV ad illustrates our personal attachment to our Macs with … well, different personal attachments.

The new ad focuses on the MacBook Air, showing a variety of stickers attached by users around the glowing Apple logo on the machine’s lid. The ad closes with a shot of the slim profile of the Air and on-screen text stating simply: “The notebook people love.”

We can relate to the love felt for the MacBook Air in this ad, as we know first hand that Apple fans keep their ultra-thin, built-to-last laptops for years and years. And OWC can help keep your MacBook Air running great whether it’s a first generation Air or a newer model with our storage upgrades and accessories. You can even upgrade the battery on your 2008-2009 MacBook Air with OWC.

Want a MacBook Air of your own to personalize with stickers of your choice? We have several pre-owned models that will give you a long-lasting machine at a great price.

So check out how users have personalized their Airs in the ad below and keep your eyes open for a nostalgia-inducing cameo by Apple’s retro rainbow logo at the end of the ad.

Apple has also posted a gallery with many of the stickers present in the ad. Check it out here.

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