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OWC Back To School: The Roommate Differential Defense

img_ligncablesAh, roommates. You can always count on them to create a hair monster in the shower drain, leave makeup caked all over the sink, or to clear their throat for a solid 10 minutes in the morning while you’re trying to eat breakfast. Roommates also want to share everything (aka borrow and/or eventually take all of your stuff).

And no matter how many times you carve your initials into your belongings, there will still be times you come home to find your roommate wearing your sweatpants while drinking milk directly out of the carton with your name on it. It is difficult to catch the roommate in this scenario because when confronted, the roommate is very smooth—they utilize evasive maneuvers, claiming, “Oh, I didn’t see your name on it!” or “Crazy! I have the same item!” This phenomenon will occur even if the item in question is a tube top from a Spring Break trip you took in 2007 (an especially weird occurrence if your roommate is a man).

So how do you combat roommate-borrowing syndrome? Simple—you need to create some strong differentials. Say, for instance, you can mysteriously never find your phone charger. When it finally does reappear, it’s found in a strange location covered in chocolate pudding thumbprints and a hint of Cheeto dust. The next time it disappears, you check your roommate’s desk and sure enough, there is your charger (and you shudder because this time it looks like it will be returned covered in ketchup). If confronted, the roommate could easily say, “No, this is my charger. I haven’t seen yours.”

This is where OWC comes in to save the day. If you pick up a blue, green, pink, black or white lightning cable from OWC, this particular roommate defense is rendered useless. Your nylon braided, colored cable (that is also available in several different lengths) will stay safely in your room because the roommate cannot pull off any excuse as to why this different, oh-so-cool charger is currently in his or her possession instead of your own.

PR_KX_iPhone5COWC also offers protection for your other roommate-tempting items. Guard your computer with one of our Snap-On Laptop Covers, cover those keys from further sticky-finger contamination with a NuGuard Keyboard Cover, and even protect your phone from those spontaneous roommate wrestling matches with a NuGuard KX case. And check out all of the other wonderful offerings that OWC has to help you go back to school!

With the help of OWC, you can set yourself apart and avoid becoming a victim of roommate-borrowing syndrome. Unfortunately, we still can’t do anything to help protect your groceries or tube top collection.

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