OWC Radio 2.0 – Episode #13 – Bobby Marko Interview

owc_radio_album_artOWC Radio host Tim interviews cinematographer, producer, and creator Bobby Marko about his creative profession, including his work on the new movie “Fruitcake”. Bobby is also a contributor to Pro Video Coalition.

In the first segment, Tim discusses the annoying problem of too-loud ads online, hearing protection for children, Microsoft and Samsung’s attack ads against Apple, 3D printing, listener feedback, and how Lee Terry does not have to be productive now that he is retired.










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  • This is a really good read for me. Must admit that you are one of the coolest blogs I ever saw. Thanks for posting informative article.

  • Thanks, Tim, for making me cry! As soon as I finished listening to the latest OWC episode, I went to YouTube and watched FruitCake. I cried throughout the movie, especially the ending. I won’t say anything as to not give it away, but this film should be required viewing in schools to teach kids tolerance and that it’s okay to be “different”.

    • Thanks Elisa for your comment. We’ve discussed holding presentations in the schools using the film, we just do not have an open door resource to move forward with that. If you or anyone have any ideas, we would love to explore that idea, it’s not the first time someone has mentioned that.

      Thanks again. And if you would please sign up on our mailing list, we’d love to keep in touch. Just go to http://fruitcakemovie.com and go to the blog section for the form on the right side of the section. Thanks!