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NuGuard KX Case and KXs Screen Armor Prevent an iPhone Disaster

Bad things can happen to your iPhone at any time. But one of the more common iPhone “occurrences” that this writer – along with others at OWC – has experienced is leaving an iPhone on top of the car and driving away. Not only is the inevitable drop from the car dangerous to the device, but there are many other dangers to a phone that’s lying exposed in the middle of a busy road.

Recently we had a customer reach out to us with his own experience of leaving his iPhone on his car. But luckily, his iPhone was protected with a NuGuard KX case and KXs Screen Armor.

Here’s what Ken S. from Baltimore had to say about the KX and KXfor his iPhone 5S:

smashed iPhone“I wanted to write about my experience with your iPhone 5S NewerTech NuGuard KX case and the NewerTech KXs Impact X-Orbing Screen Armor. I use my iPhone’s Strava app to track my MTB rides, which is always secured in my hydration pack. Unfortunately, after the ride I got distracted and left the phone on the rear bumper of my SUV. It wasn’t till I arrived at home I realized my phone was missing, so I drove back to the trail head which is located on a busy 2 lane street.

Sure enough there was my phone in the middle of the street face down. I was hopeful until I watched several cars drive by running over it with their tires. As the traffic cleared I picked up the phone only to discover the screen was severely shattered. Good news is the phone was in perfect working condition and the screen protector kept the glass secure enough to operate.

The phone body and case were intact with no scratches or nicks … amazing! I took it to the Apple store and it passed their diagnostics test and was able to get a screen replacement. The NuGuard KX works far beyond what [I] imagined and is worth every cent of its cost. I did not have the iPhone protective care so your NuGuard case saved me from having to purchase a new iPhone which would have cost me $420.”

As you can see from Ken’s experience, the KX and KXScreen Armor protected the body of his iPhone during an accident that other cases likely wouldn’t even have survived. If you want that same protection for your iPhone, look no further than NuGuard!

The KX case and KXs Screen Armor are available for the iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S, 5C and will be available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus this fall.

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  • Just got my case. It works great and feels great. So much less bulk than other cases. However, at the top of my iPhone 5 the case doesn’t seem to be fitting quite right. The lip doesn’t want to rest on the face of my iPhone like it does on the other three sides. Is that normal or is there a way to make it rest on the face? Drop protection seems to still work as I’ve tested it on purpose and accidentally. Thanks!

    • Hello Phil,

      We are very sorry to hear about this. This is not common and should not be happening. We would love to get a replacement set up for you. Please contact us and we will be happy to further help out!

  • I have purchased 4 KX cases for my family’s iPhone 5 and 5S’s. I recently purchased an iPhone 6 Plus and I am very interested in getting a KX case for the iPhone 6 Plus. What is the best way to be informed when the iPhone 6 Plus cases become available?

    • Hi Gary! When we are ready to announce the new KX for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, you will hear about it here first on the OWC Blog. Continue to check back for an official announcement. Thanks!

          • We’re all waiting… as patiently as we can. I’m sure that OWC will make the announcement as soon as they can. I understand. I have been wanting a KX case for my 6 plus since the moment I took it out of the box! Having the KX on my 5s gave me a sense of security that I’ve been missing with a lesser case on my iPhone. (And no, I’m not affiliated with OWC. I’m just a long-time, satisfied customer!)