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Hot Read: iPod Classic Seeing New Life After Death

GlobemaniPodIn September, I wrote about the death of my beloved iPod Classic. Its untimely death was actually quite timely in a sense – Apple had just killed off the Classic version of its iPod line enitrely. This reminded me that I should dig my own long-forgotten iPod out of my car, and I did so only to discover it had played its final track.

Unfortunately, I didn’t use this excuse to buy a used or unopened iPod Classic. I say it’s unfortunate because, according to 9to5Mac, some iPod Classic models are fetching as much as four times more than their original price!

Of course, once this news really catches on, the market will surely be flooded by iPod Classic owners looking to cash in some nostalgia for a few hundred bucks. And if you have your own aging iPod laying around, OWC might be able to help breath some new life into it and join the craze.

But if you miss this opportunity to benefit, maybe be sure you hang on to that iPod touch.

Source: http://9to5mac.com/2014/12/10/ipod-classic-value/

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