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OWC to Showcase Enterprise Class Storage and Migration Solutions at NAB 2015

PR_Jupiter8_16Other World Computing announced today that it will feature at its NAB 2015 Booth #SL13905 in Las Vegas, April 13-16, a range of outstanding and flexible solutions aimed at revolutionizing creative professional workflows.

The innovative solutions showcased at OWC’s NAB booth include:

Jupiter Callisto and Kore Unified Storage
OWC Jupiter Callisto and Kore rack-mounted storage solutions offer the most flexible, compatible, and scalable high-performance storage systems for creative professionals working with HD, 2K, and 4K workflows. Connect via 10Gb/E and mini-SAS interfaces to unleash speeds up to 10Gb/s via Callisto and up to 48Gb/s with Kore.

Jupiter Callisto, available now and starting at $4,988 for a 16TB configuration, is a unified storage appliance that functions as both a NAS and SAN at the same time. Mac and Windows compatible, it offers storage management with IP-based remote management software. Whether building from the ground up or integrating into an existing system, Jupiter’s 8-bay 2U racks and 16-bay 3U racks provide installation flexibility with scalable ZFS architecture for the creation of an ideal professional workstation environment.

The power of the Jupiter Kore, available now and starting at $3,288 for a 16TB configuration, lies in its mini-SAS interface architecture, with the ability to run dual 24Gb/s direct mini-SAS cables to achieve speeds up to 48Gb/s. Userscan get up to 64TB of storage in an 8-bay rack and up to 128TB of direct-attached or expansion storage capacity in a 16-bay rack. Callisto users can add up to three Jupiter Kore expander rack solutions for a total of 512TB of centralized storage. Need even more power? No problem. Simply add an external SAS switch and watch limitations on speed and power vanish.

ThunderBay 4 and ThunderBay 4 mini RAID Storage Solutions
OWC’s award winning, ThunderBay 4 and ThunderBay 4 mini professional RAID solutions are the four-bay drives powerful enough to enable workflows without limitations. With robust, proven performance at speeds up to 1346MB/s and with the reliability of SoftRAID 5 – the first ever software RAID 5 for the Mac – the ThunderBay 4 and ThunderBay 4 mini are the perfect solution for creative professionals working in audio and video production.

With dual Thunderbolt 2 ports users can continue to expand their workstations and daisy-chain up to five additional Thunderbolt equipped devices. The SoftRAID engine, developed specifically for Macs, empowers ThunderBay 4 solutions with up to 35 percent faster RAID 5 performance and accelerated rebuild times than comparable RAID solutions with Enterprise-level RAID management. Users can set up drive monitoring and email notifications to stay informed about the ThunderBay’s performance and drive health. OWC ThunderBay products are more reliable due to rigorous 7x stress-testing and multi-hour burn-in before shipping.

The OWC ThunderBay 4 mini is available for immediate ordering as an HDD or SSD solution, starting at $579.99 for the 2TB HDD RAID Ready edition or $764.99 for the 500GB SSD RAID Ready edition. The OWC ThunderBay 4 HDD solution is available for immediate ordering, starting at $694.99 for the 4TB HDD RAID Ready edition. Both are available as 0GB Build Your Own kits.

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  • Impressive specs and prices.
    Thanks to OWC for engineering solutions for video professionals.

    Can’t live without our ThunderBay — awesome product.