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OWC’s Accelsior S PCIe Card Brings 6Gb/s Speeds to any System With PCIe Slot

PR_AccelsiorSOther World Computing announced today the Accelsior S, a new PCIe card with direct mount support for a 2.5” SATA 6Gb/s SSD. The latest addition to OWC’s award-winning Accelsior line enables PC, Mac Pro tower and Thunderbolt interface expansion chassis users to quickly and easily add additional storage. Utilizing the robust PCIe architecture, the Accelsior S card offers both storage expansion and 6Gb/s speeds up to 550MB/s — more than double the performance of SATA 3Gb/s.

When equipped with the Accelsior S PCIe card and an SSD, Mac Pro tower and PC users can launch, capture, render and process I/O-intensive apps without long wait times. The Accelsior S PCIe card is also extremely easy to install — no drivers or software are required.

“The Accelsior S provides legacy Mac Pro, PC tower, and Thunderbolt interface expansion chassis users with storage expansion and a speed bump,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. “This is a fantastic upgrade for the legacy Mac Pro, which is speed limited by its native SATA 3Gb/s architecture. The Accelsior S is fully equipped to support the flexibility and fullspeed of a cutting edge 6Gb/s OWC SSD.”

Performance Plus Reliability
Backed by a 3-year limited warranty and OWC’s award-winning US-based 24/7 technical support, OWC Accelsior S cards have been developed to deliver consistent reliability well into the future. The OWC Accelsior S is custom-engineered for use with PC, Mac Pro tower and Thunderbolt interface expansion chassis.

OWC’s new Accelsior S PCIe Card is now available for same day shipping from OWC. For more information on the OWC Accelsior S, visit:

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  • Can I update the firmware for an OWC Mercury SSD that is attached to the OWC Accelsior S card on my Mac Pro or does it need to be in a native drive slot?

  • Hi,

    Just installed previously purchased and used 240gb extreme pro 6g (as boot disk) onto a new accelsior s. Seems to be working fine with 190mb/s read and 500mb/s wrote speeds when tested on black magic test. Now would like to update the firmware (from 504ABBF0) hoping to acquire better read speeds. The problem is that I cannot reach startup manager holding down the option key while OWC instructed EFI boot drive is plugged in. Any ideas for help?
    This is a 2010 Mac Pro 5.1
    thanks in advance

    • Hello Uluc,

      Please make sure that a wired keyboard is being used, as a wireless will not always work.

      If you are using a wired keyboard and still seeing these problems, please contact our Technical Support Team! We will be happy to further assist!

    • The Accelsior S will be bootable in both Mac and PC. When wanting to utilize Boot Camp, it will not be bootable.

      • Hi Dyllon,

        I have a Mac Pro mid 2012 5.1 and just got myselve a Accelsior S. I already had a Samsung Evo 1tb SSD on witch I installed a fresh Windows 10 version. It worked fine using a mount pro 2.5 but now with the Acelsior, placed in the first PCI-e slot it won’t boot anymore. I am not using bootcamp or any of it’s drivers as I understood that it won’t work using Mac and Windows. How do I get the Acelsior To boot up??

        Brgds Richard