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How to Get More Storage In Your Xbox One with OWC Upgrade Kit

PR_xbox_expressIf you’re looking for more capacity for your Xbox One games or even better performance from your console, OWC has the solution you need.

The new OWC Upgrade Kit for Xbox One provides up to four times as much storage space as the factory-supplied console, while our hybrid performance kit significantly reduces load times by up to 39%.

But adding new storage space or getting better performance doesn’t have to be complicated. OWC’s Upgrade Kit is an easy, plug-and-play external solution, that doesn’t require owners to open their console.

Check out our step-by-step guide that will show you how you can upgrade your Xbox One console* with the OWC Upgrade Kit in no time!

Format the Drive:
1.) Power up the Xbox One. When the OS is loaded, connect the drive from the OWC Upgrade Kit for Xbox One to the Xbox One’s USB 3 port.
2.) When the Xbox One recognizes the new drive you will be asked if you want to “Set up external storage.” Choose the “Format Storage Device” option.
3.) Give the device a name using the virtual keyboard, or use the default name “External,” then select “Enter.”
4.) Next you will be asked if you want to “Install things on ‘External’” (or the custom name you chose for the external drive). Select “Install new things here.”
5.) When the “Format External” screen appears, choose “Format Storage Device.” Once the process is complete you will see a small green and white banner that says “External Storage Ready.”

Migrate Game Data:
6.) From the Home screen, go to the “My Games & Apps” screen on your Xbox One.
7.) Highlight the game you would like to move, then click the Menu button on your controller.
8.) Select “Manage Game” from the menu options.
9.) Choose the “Manage All” option.
10.) Select “Move All” from the pop-up menu. Note that you can also “Copy All”, which will result in the data be stored on both drives instead of the new drive only.
11.) When the confirmation screen appears, choose “Move” to confirm the action being taken.

It may take several minutes for the data to transfer completely. When the process is complete the Manage menu for the game will list the installed location as “External” or the custom name you chose for the external drive.

Note: the Migrate Game Data process is required for each game you wish to copy or move. If you experience problems with this process, please contact OWC technical support.

Have a PlayStation 4?
OWC can help you upgrade your PS4 storage up to a massive 2.0TB. Check out our DIY upgrade kits here.

* These instructions were tested on the latest version of Xbox OS, which was 6.2.129880 at the time of this writing. If you have a different version, the on-screen options may vary. Please visit: for more information.

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