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Reviewers Praise OWC Xbox One Upgrade Kit, iFlash and More

Have you found that your Xbox One’s hard drive is quickly running out of storage space? Does your aging iPod Classic need a modern upgrade? OWC has the best solutions to give your Xbox additional capacity and can also help breath life into your iPod 5/6/7th Generation.

Recently, reviewers got their hands on the OWC Xbox One Hard Drive Upgrade Kit and iFlash kit, as well as our Dual USB Flash Drive and Thunderbolt Cables. Read on to see what they had to say.

Xbox One Hard Drive Upgrade Kit
PR_xbox_expressThe OWC Xbox One Hard Drive Kit not only gives you much-needed additional storage space, but it will also improve your console’s performance as Nick Puleo of points out: “…you can see the times were improved in every game. In general once I installed the drive my Xbox One felt a little snappier. [The OWC Xbox One Kit is] right in the sweet spot of price and performance.”

Steven Ruygrok of gave the kit 5/5 stars and wrote, “There were zero headaches with setting the unit up and in fact, I was shocked at how simple it was. There isn’t one complaint I have with OWC’s Xbox One 1TB external storage device.”

Giving the kit a score of “90 Excellent,” Ron Burk of says: “OWC has made this as simple as possible, giving players a plug and play solution that requires nothing more than a cord and some patience to reap the rewards.”

Tarkan iFlash
ipodwithIFLASHTarkan’s iFlash kit will allow you to enjoy faster access times and better skip protection on your updated iPod. Jason Snell of the tech website writes, “[The iPod is] no longer relying on a spinning platter as a storage mechanism, which should extend its life dramatically. …every time I pick it up I’m also struck by how much lighter it is.”

With iFlash and an SDHC or SDXC flash card, you can have up to 256GB capacity on your iPod.

Dual USB Flash Drive
The OWC Dual USB Flash Drive features both a Micro USB and USB interface all-in-one for use on a Mac, PC, smartphone, and tablet with USB or Micro USB interfaces.

Rick Limpert of was impressed with the drive’s simplicity. “With the OWC Dual Flash Drive, you can move doc. files, pictures and even video files with a few clicks of the mouse or taps of your screen. Simply plug the Flash Drive into your Android device and let the magic happen … This is a flash drive the mobile device user should keep in their possession at all times.”

OWC Premium Thunderbolt Cables
Quality cables are a crucial part of almost any workflow. And as Barry Braverman of points out, you shouldn’t rely on just any Thunderbolt cable when it comes to your crucial projects.

“The best cables combine a high degree of flexibility with just enough firmness to resist breakage. U.S. based OWC manufactures cables with the stated goal of producing products that will outlast the device or the technology itself.” And OWC also offers color coded cables “… which can be helpful for configuring individual field kits and organizing the mess behind, around, and under, our workstations.”

Be sure to check out our News Rooms for more reviews of OWC and NewerTech products!

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