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Voyager Saves The Day With Some Underwater Salvage

SCUBAglobe“You just don’t know how happy I am right now,” underwater photographer Frazier Nivens recently wrote to us.

After a recent computer failure, he thought some of his images were gone forever, like old sailors gone to the proverbial Davy Jones Locker.

“I lost my trusty old G5, which had two internal hard drives with tons of data. I had them backed up most of the important folders, but not all. With the Voyager I was able to plug in the drives that wouldn’t mount or boot up, and they fired up and I am now happily removing all the files off the drive.”

Nivens reports clear sailing now and cannot fathom why anyone who works with computers would be without one. And with awesome underwater images like these, it’s no wonder Nivens wanted to access them by going on a data recovery voyage.

“Best thing I’ve ever bought … everybody needs one, who works with computers,” he noted. “Very happy here.”

Don’t let your data, photos, music or video get lost at sea — keep a Voyager Q or a Voyager S2 in your home port.

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