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Buffalo DriveStation Ultra: Massive Storage with Speed, Reliability to Match

BUFHDDN080TR6_gall1As the saying goes, time is money. But this idea is perhaps most apparent when you have idle time. Inactivity and down time can be a huge cost to you or your business. Each minute spent unnecessarily waiting is a minute that could better be spent producing.

And long delays caused by working with very large files, such as high-resolution raw 4K video, with insufficient equipment can even cost thousands of man-hours over time.

This is why you need equipment that can keep up with your workflow. And when your workflow demands great performance without sacrificing capacity or reliability, the Buffalo DriveStation Ultra DAS solution will deliver what you need – without keeping you waiting.

The speed you need
The DriveStation Ultra features speedy Thunderbolt 2 technology, and can deliver speeds up to a blistering 1,243 Mbps in RAID 0. Users can also connect through high-speed USB 3.0 and eSATA interfaces and experience great performance.

Simply reliable
DriveStation Ultra comes fully populated with Enterprise-grade or NAS-grade drives which are built for 24/7/365 operation. These drives are high quality, and have an extended life expectancy compared to desktop-grade HDDs meaning they’re in it for the long haul right along with you.

RAID 6 is the default configuration of the DriveStation Ultra, which allows up to 2 HDDs to simultaneously fail. But DriveStation Ultra is also capable of running RAID 0 and RAID 5, giving you flexibility when storing your most critical data.

Here is a quick guide to the RAID options available with DriveStation Ultra:

  • RAID 0: Combines all drives into a single array, offering maximum storage capacity with no redundancy.
  • RAID 5: Stripes the data across all 10 drives, interspersing parity data to provide an efficient blend of fault tolerance and storage capacity.
  • RAID 6: Uses two parity stripes per hard drive, allowing two hard drives to fail without any data loss.

Massive capacity
DriveStation Ultra comes in 40TB and 80TB configurations with the 80TB model being the largest capacity desktop direct attached storage solution in the industry.

DriveStation Ultras even support daisy-chaining of up to six devices which means multiple DriveStation Ultras can be linked together to give users access to even more ultra-fast storage. With six ports on a single Mac Pro, you can achieve up to 2.88 PB of storage!

Flexibility for any user, business
DriveStation Ultra isn’t just built for speed and capacity – it can also make a connection. You’ll be able to connect a plethora of devices with two backward-compatible Thunderbolt 2 ports, a backward-compatible USB 3.0 port and an eSATA port for tremendous flexibility and value whether you’re a Mac or PC user.

Put DriveStation Ultra to work today
Bring the benefits of massive storage, speed and reliability to your business’s workflow with the Buffalo DriveStation Ultra DAS storage solution. Available today at

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