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New Installation Video: Make your Mac mini Server a storage giant.

giant-miniHey installation video junkies! What with all the Holiday Specials, nifty new products, and stories of OWC and NewerTech products “in the wild,” one might think we’ve forgotten about you, the avid upgrader who wants to get the most out of their Macs and relies on us to show you how to do it.

Well, it’s not just fantasy, the long wait is over – we’ve got a new video for you. This time around, we’ll show you how to upgrade the hard drives in the Mac mini Server.

In case you didn’t know, the mini Server comes with two 500GB, 5400rpm hard drives installed. That’s it. No options for anything bigger from Apple. So, by design, if you need to add more storage, you’d normally have to do it by connecting external drives.

While the NewerTech miniStack (or for that matter, any OWC or NT external storage solution) is great for this sort of thing, it does nothing to speed up those internal drives. That’s the unfortunate limitation of USB and FireWire – they just can’t compare to the speeds of a SATA connection.

With this latest video, however, that all changes. We show you how to swap out the drives inside and replace them with larger, faster or even solid state drives. No matter what you’re putting in, the instructions are all the same.

So get your NewerTech 11-piece Tool Kit and your thin putty knife out, then head on over to our Tech Center or our YouTube Channel to check out how to perform the upgrade.

Of course, if the thought of disassembling your Mac mini Server into its component parts causes you to feel weak in the knees and see spots before your eyes, we also offer an installation service, so you can enjoy the benefit of an upgraded mini Server without the muss and fuss of having to disassemble your Mac mini on your kitchen table.

No matter what upgrade route you choose, though, OWC is there to help you get the most out of your Mac mini Server!

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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  • It would be nicer if you offered high res photos of each step.

    Video just has too little detail for some of the tasks.

    • We are looking into the possibility of printed materials for many upgrades.

      In the meantime, the HD version on YouTube (once its done processing… taking longer than expected) may be a little more usable for you.