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OWC Releases 4.0TB Aura SSD, Providing 16x Capacity of Standard Factory Mac Pro Drive

PR_macpro_ssd_4TBOWC announced today the immediate availability of the OWC 4.0TB Aura SSD Upgrade for the 2013-current Apple Mac Pro. The Aura SSD for Mac Pro is the first internal SSD upgrade for the 2013-current Mac Pro and debuted at CES 2015 offering up to 2.0TB of capacity. The all-new 4.0TB model shipping just in time for CES 2016 doubles the capacity available offering up to 16x the capacity of the standard factory drive and 4X the capacity of the maximum factory SSD/flash option.

The 4.0TB OWC Aura SSD for 2013-current Mac Pro (black cylinder models) includes the award-winning OWC Envoy Pro SSD enclosure, making it easy to repurpose the original factory-installed Mac Pro SSD as an elegant aluminum-body external drive for incredible portable performance. OWC also provides free how-to installation videos and a special tool needed for straightforward end user/do-it-yourself installation.

OWC Aura SSD for Mac Pro Upgrade Kits includes:

  • Aura SSD for Mac Pro
  • Envoy Pro SSD enclosure for the existing factory SSD (transfer data & ongoing external use)
  • Double-shielded USB 3.0/USB 3.1 Gen 1 connecting cable for the Envoy Pro enclosure
  • Complete kit with everything needed for end user installation of the new drive into 2013 Mac Pro
  • 3 Year OWC Limited Warranty.

Innovative, Dependable, and Designed for Mac
Built on the time-tested Aura platform, the Aura SSD for Mac Pro is the only internal SSD upgrade solution custom engineered for current Mac Pro models. OWC SSDs feature an industry-leading suite of controller technologies to deliver longevity and dependable performance.

Upgrade Easy with OWC
The Aura SSD for Mac Pro upgrade kit comes complete with everything users need for a simple do-it-yourself upgrade. OWC’s free, comprehensive install videos guide users through the process step-by-step. Click here for the install video.

“Regardless of which size factory SSD you’re replacing, an Aura SSD upgrade gives you significantly more space to work, create, and express” said Larry O’Connor, OWC Founder and CEO. “Users can edit and store enormous photo, music and video libraries, and improve their efficiency in creative workflows. Such a huge internal SSD/Flash capacity boost gives you the freedom to do so much more on your Mac Pro.”

The 4.0TB Aura SSD for Mac Pro is  available now for same-day shipping at The Aura is also available for the Mac Pro in a 1.0TB version and 2.0TB version.

All Aura SSDs come with OWC’s three-year SSD limited warranty while the Envoy Pro enclosure comes with the OWC brand standard one year limited warranty.

Click here to see all of OWC’s announcements during CES 2016 week.

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  • Waiting on the day for a archive SSD to safely load and store all my photo’s once, have a fast read, and at a price point I can mirror two drives together, USB + Thunderbolt. In a box where I can did more drives later as my library grow’s…. + In a box that can survive a small drop.

  • Ye what about The Retina MacBooks from late 2013 to now? Still no wird to their ssd’s !! Ppl with Mac Pro Most Likely have Thunderbold arrays for hdds ! No bin Need to Throw a 4 tb ssd in them ! Dont forget Most People have MacBooks !! Not Mac pros !!

  • Still no word on the SSD upgrade for the Macbook Pro retina that was supposed to be out over six months ago?

  • I would immediately buy an upgrade for my MacBook pro… I hope you’re working on that! Gotta be a much bigger market than Mac Pros!

    • Hello Mike D,

      Thank you for your great question. The 4TB Aura SSD can see speeds of 726MB/s reading and 698MB/s writing. The Apple original SSDs (256GB,512GB and 1TB) have shown read speeds up to near 1000MB/s and write speeds near 900MB/s. This will however depend on the type of tests being run on the original SSD as well as the software being used.

      If you are looking to bring your MacPro (6,1) to the next level of internal storage, this 4TB Aura SSD is exactly what you are looking for.

      Please feel free to contact our Technical Support Team if you have any further questions!