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MacRumors Review Calls Out OWC USB-C Dock’s Functionality, Design


The OWC USB-C Dock brings much needed versatility to Apple’s 12” MacBook. The USB-C Dock provides ten ports and enables the ability to charge devices, connect a display, add external storage, import photos from an SD card, utilize wired Gigabit Ethernet connections, connect audio accessories, and even power the MacBook, all through a single USB Type-C cable.

Apple news website recently gave an in-depth review of the dock that it says is “an impressive accessory for showcasing the potential of the current line of Retina MacBooks”. Here are some of the highlights from the review:

On Its Versatility
“With so many different ports, the features of the OWC Dock are exhaustive in their capabilities … nothing out there that matches it in port options, it could be the perfect companion to a new MacBook…”

On the Design
“Thankfully OWC didn’t solely focus on functionality without an eye for design when creating the USB-C Dock. Available in three colors that mirror the Retina MacBook’s own options — Space Gray, Gold, and Silver — the dock is a competent visual companion to the MacBook when settled next to one another on a desk.”

You can read the entire review from at:

Available for Pre-Order with Power Adapter Included
Available for pre-order and shipping soon, the OWC USB-C Dock includes ten ports for easy connectivity:

  • Five fully-powered USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports
    • Two high-power USB Type-A ports for fast mobile device charging
    • Two USB Type-A ports
    • One USB Type-C port
  • Gigabit Ethernet – add high-speed wired networking support
  • HDMI – connect an external display, with support for up to 4K video
  • SD Card reader – easily transfer photos and video from an SD card
  • Audio in and out – combo audio port for headphones or microphones
  • USB-C port – connects to Apple MacBook or other USB-C-equipped host machine

Additionally, the included 80-watt adapter shipping with the OWC USB-C Dock is capable of powering not only the new MacBook but also all of the USB peripherals users will directly attach. As an added benefit, users can keep the original Apple MacBook 29 watt power supply in their bag for when they are on the go.

For more information on the OWC USB-C Dock, please visit:

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  • I bought this following advice on MacRumors that it was perfect for the new MacBook Pro late 2016. Then found out that it did not work with my 15″computer. I contacted technical support which confirmed that it was not compatible but gave me to understand that it might become compatible in the future. Is it true or should I get rid of it?

    • Hi, John. Sorry for any confusion. The OWC USB-C Dock is not compatible with the 2016 15″ MacBook Pro.

  • Does this work with a 2016 15″ MacBook Pro? Even if enough power doesn’t come across. Wouldn’t it work just as a hub to connect devices and a monitor?

  • Bit disappointed that no USB audio devices appear to work with this dock?

    • What kind of audio device gave you trouble. I need to connect a multi-channel recording device (plugs in microphone and guitar).


  • Hello to all waiting people.

    I really had to look up when I pre-ordered my dock. As said in the pre-order mail the shipping was first estimated in Jan 2016, then Feb 2016, now April 2016.

    Can anyone of OWC bring light into this dark room ?


    • Hello Ralf,

      We are very sorry for the delay in shipping. We have been able to send out the first batch of docks. Due the the amount of pre-orders, the first shipment could not cover all orders. At this time we are expected to fulfill all orders in Mid April!

      Please feel free to contact us for any further questions! Thank you for your patience!

  • I had forgotten I pre-ordered it! :)

    I pre-ordered on 27 July 2015 – it arrived – finally today.

    The original delivery estimate was October 2015…

    Anyway – I am happy to report I received my dock today!

    It was sent via DHL to Sydney, Australia from Las Vegas – only took some 3 or so days to get here.

    I am still testing it.

    In the few hours I have had it – I can report is working well.

    I have only tested HDMI, USB (hard disk, iPhone charging, USB3 hard disk) and audio out – all working fine – so far.

  • Add me to that list of frustrated pre-orderers who has watched the delivery date move farther and farther into the future. Since there is a picture of one it must really exist. May I have the one I pre-ordered back in September, please?

    • I ordered the USB-C Dock on July 11, 2015 and I don’t have one yet! But I have records of eight (8) shipping dates since then. OWC has not shared the reason for this delay except to say “they needed more time to get it perfect! Latest promise is “February”(I assume 2/2016).

  • I pre-ordered this product since September 2015. Initially it was due to ship in early November. We are already in February and still didn’t shipped. Should I wait until I have a new mcBook when I will at last receive it ?

  • Why does MacRumors have one of these devices when I have been waiting since November?