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iTunes Magic Trick Frees Storage Space on Your iPhone

Nearly every iPhone user runs low on storage at some point. It’s not surprising considering that 16GB is still the base model storage across the entire iPhone line.

Running low on storage can be a major inconvenience, but there are steps that can be taken to free up much needed space. Recently, the Rocket Yard came across what can only be described as an iTunes Jedi mind trick that restores storage space to your iPhone like magic. We put this trick to the test with an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.3.1 and it worked.

If you find yourself in need of some space, simply follow the steps below:

1) First, check your storage to make sure you truly are low on space (you’ll understand why shortly).


2) Next, find a movie in iTunes to “rent” that is larger than the amount of storage that you have available (don’t worry, you won’t actually be renting anything). Once you click the Rent button, you’ll see a message that states that you don’t have enough storage to rent the movie. Then simply tap Settings from the Cannot Download message. But be careful, if you’re not truly low on space and have enough storage to rent the movie, it will download. It also helps to select a very long HD movie that requires a high amount of available storage.


3) You’re done! Simply attempting to rent a movie frees space on your iPhone. You can even try it multiple times to free more storage. Check out how much we saved with just one try in the image below. iOSStorage3Disclaimer: It’s not certain what is deleted to make room for the extra storage, so user beware with this trick. However, we haven’t noticed any important changes. And we will re-iterate that your storage must be very low for this tip to work; there is a chance the rental will be processed if it’s not low enough.

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  • at first I thought it didn’t work as well but I was looking at iCloud storage and it didn’t change then when I closed the program and did a soft restart I went to settings, general,storage and iCloud use and vroom my available storage went from practically nothing to 6.4 GB Perfect…thank you!

    • iCloud storage is not important for your phone to run just the phone storage is all you need to care about

  • I tried several times, but it made no difference in my free space. Probably depends what is taking up your storage.

  • Today I tested this with a slightly different method: downloading a movie I had already purchased from iTunes. Works fine, and without any risk of an accidental rental.

  • Lol, how many times and/or on how many devices did you try that? Did not work for me on 5s :-/