High-quality, low-cost video animation.

For those of you who need some quick-n-easy animations for a movie, but don’t want to lay out the cash for high-end post-processing software, there is another, less expensive option.

You can use Keynote – part of iWork – to set up your text and photo animations. If you make a 1920 x 1080 slideshow in Keynote, you will have a file that’s the same size as an HD video.

Once you’re done with your animation, save it as a Quicktime movie using the “Export” option in the “Share” menu. By exporting it using Apple Intermediate Codec and using the same frame rate your video camera normally uses, you will have a high-quality animation that can drop right into iMovie.

It isn’t an After Effects killer by any stretch of the imagination, but for dropping a simple animation into your home movies, its definitely one to try.

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