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Mac sales, brought to you by Macsales!

Ticker-Tape-MachineApple released the last quarter’s sales reports today. Since we at OWC specialize in upgrades for your Macintosh, iPod/iPhone, and all things Apple, we were very interested to see the results, and figured you might be, too.

Since financial news makes most people’s eyes cross after the first few lines, here’s the abridged version that pulls out the interesting tidbits.

  • Posted revenue: $15.68 billion
  • Net quarterly profit: $3.38 billion – roughly $3.67 per share.
  • Macs sold during this quarter: 3.36 million
  • Percent change in Macs sold during same quarter last year: 33% increase
  • iPhones sold during this quarter: 8.7 million
  • Percent change in iPhones sold during same quarter last year: 100% increase
  • iPods sold during this quarter: 21 million
  • Percent change in iPods sold during same quarter last year: 8% decrease

We should probably take some of these numbers with a grain of salt, as they reflect changes to how Apple accounts for sales of things like the iPhone and the AppleTV.

Overall, though, these reports show that the company behind the computers we use and enjoy seems to be doing quite well…

…and they haven’t even released the mythical Apple Tablet yet.

M. Chris Stevens
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