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Apple Memo: Third-Party iPhone Screen Repairs No Longer Fully Void Warranty

According to an internal Apple memo obtained by MacRumors, iPhones that receive a screen repair from a third-party will now qualify for warranty coverage. The caveat, however, is the issue being fixed under warranty cannot relate to the display itself.

This marks a change in policy that previously dictated that no authorized repairs be performed under warranty on an iPhone with a third-party display.

According to the memo, which MacRumors confirmed with several sources, “When a customer with an iPhone that has a third-party display seeks a repair for a non-display issue, Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers have been advised to inspect the device for any fraud or tampering, and then swap out the device or replace the broken part based on Apple’s in-warranty pricing.”

Of course, the iPhones in question must still be under warranty or the owner will be subject to out-of-warranty pricing. And if the third-party screen-repair even slightly damages other aspects of the iPhone in any way, Apple can void the warranty.

Customers will also be subject to out-of-warranty prices if they opt to replace a third-party display with a genuine Apple display.

Meanwhile, Apple Authorized Service Providers are instructed to decline service to an iPhone with a functional failure related to third party enclosures, logic boards, battery, Lightning connector and other various parts, according to MacRumors.

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  • But why, I must ask, would anyone have a third party repair done to an iPhone still under warranty?

    I add that the two iPhones I have owned have been trouble-free (touch wood!), as have the two MacBook Pros I bought second-hand. My iMac was refurbed and its drive failed after two years, of course out of warranty, but easily replaced (by a third party former Apple service tech!).

    • I agree that Apple should always be the preferred party to perform the replacement. However, there is the convenience factor of a third party for those who are not near an Apple Authorized Service Provider and need the work done as soon as possible.