iTunes Store Approaching 10 Billion Downloads!

Apple has had some impressive milestones when it comes to their iTunes Store:

100 million songs sold: Summer, 2004

250 million songs sold: January 24, 2005

1 billion songs sold: February 23, 2006

5 billion songs sold: June 19, 2008

10 billion songs sold: Fast approaching!

Apple has started a countdown to the 10 billionth song downloaded and that lucky downloader could win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card!  At the current rate of download it looks like that milestone could very well be crossed this afternoon or tonight!

If you’ve been putting off your purchase, this may be a perfect time to get that new song or album!

For official rules and to watch the countdown in action visit

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  • Wow did the speed on downloads ramp up since our blog post. The contest is over – the 10 billionth song has been downloaded!