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Peer Editing: Fullerton Instructor Turns to for Presentation

(Dolores Jenerson-Madden demonstrates her use of the OWC ThunderBay 4 mini for an editing session.)

When Dolores Jenerson-Madden needed a high-performance SSD storage solution for a video editing presentation at Fullerton College, she knew exactly where to turn.

Jenerson-Madden was scheduled to demonstrate 4K Editing with Final Cut Pro X for the annual University Film and Video Association conference, but needed hardware that could handle intensive editing on short notice. She reached out to on July 27, and the digital arts instructor at the California-based college had an OWC ThunderBay 4 mini in her hands and ready to go to work on July 29.

“I needed the power and the speed of the ThunderBay 4 mini SSD drive to demonstrate how Final Cut Pro X can handle 4K footage – especially with shorter projects, and to be able to transcode the footage into proxy files for editing larger projects,” Jenerson-Madden said. “If you have to sit around for 30 minutes to an hour waiting for footage to be transcoded, that is a waste of a professional’s valuable time.”

The longtime customer returned to for the OWC ThunderBay mini after previously purchasing one for herself. So she knew that the ThunderBay 4 mini would be up to the task – not only in terms of performance, but also for its compact and quiet form factor.

“I totally LOVE that the ThunderBay drive has a small footprint. I have other drives … and they take up twice as much if not more space on my computer station, and [one of the drives] which used to be my primary editing drive has so much noise from its fan, that I literally had to put it 6 feet away from me. I have been pleased with its performance from Day 1. I truly wish at the time I purchased it that I would have had enough money to purchase two of them so I could combine them into one 8TB RAID system…”

Aside from putting the ThunderBay 4 through 4K editing sessions in front of a live audience of filmmakers and professors, Jenerson-Madden employs the ThunderBay 4 mini for an important personal project.

She specifically purchased the 4TB ThunderBay mini RAID drive for her documentary film project that she is editing titled, “From Pusher to Preacher” of which she has just submitted the trailer for the film to the CMA Christian Media Association Convention 2017.

“My small crew and I have gone to three different locations: the country of Belize, Virginia and Texas, and I have a total of 4.12 TB of footage for this film,” she said. “I needed a faster way to edit small chunks of the film. So my footage resides on a 12TB RAID drive and I edit using the OWC 4TB ThunderBay 4 mini SSD Drive (using the latest version of FCPX and importing the footage into the FCPX Library, one scene at a time.) Once I am through with each scene I export the finished version back to the 12TB Raid drive, and delete everything from the OWC 4TB Mini SSD drive so I can start work on the next scene.”

To complete her workflow, Jenerson-Madden takes advantage of the power of the OWC Envoy Pro EX (pictured right) from Jenerson-Madden said she installs macOS directly on the Envoy Pro EX along with other creative production apps.

“To increase speed and shorten my time, I also had purchased the OWC Envoy 240GB and the OWC Envoy 480. On the OWC Envoy 240GB SSD I installed El Capitan – the Mac operating system and Final Cut Pro X, along with Boris Continuum 9, Motion 5.3.2 and Compressor, and finally for Color Correction, Color Finale, Audio Sweetening and iZotope RX.

“So the combination of my operating system and applications being on the OWC Envoy SSD Bus Powered USB 3.0 and the ThunderBay 4 mini SSD RAID drive is the fastest editing system I could afford.”

For more on the OWC solutions that Jenerson-Madden uses in her professional workflow, visit

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