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The Other World – Episode 185

OWC Newsfeed
the authorOWC Newsfeed
The OWC Newsfeed provides the latest OWC,, Rocket Yard, and industry news, information, and announcements for your reading pleasure and shareability!
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  • I agree with E. Landy’s comment. This hurts your credibility and diminishes my trust in OWC.

  • Funny but exactly true. I cant wait to see what apple puts out for the “new modular mac pro 7.1” if they actually make one. I predict a 5 or 6 thousand base price, and it you max it out I’d guess 15,000. I predict that apple want be able to resist “soldering” as many of parts to the chassy to make it not user upgradable to keep you Other World computing guys from making upgrade parts. So said.

  • I can’t believe you put this in your email and because i wanted to know the tech info which its name as stated in your email implies, I WASTED my time looking at this— irrelevant to my needs, thing. Please be more specific when getting us to link to something on your site. There is the boy who cried wolf syndrome and you’ve racked up a point. It diminishes the reputation of your very good newsletter.

    • my time is valuable too, but seriously, this only wasted about 5 seconds of it… not enough to call a foul. I’m sure you WASTED quite a bit more in posting your cry-baby response.

    • Jumpin’ Jehova, Elliott. It’s only a comic. I’d wager that most people who have a professional reason to be on the site would find the knowing tone of the cartoon comforting. The intent is to lift the moods of those waiting for the weekend. Take a breath. Be well!

    • Perhaps you should enable images in your email for trusted senders, that made it pretty clear to me that this was a cartoon. (And by the way I like a little fun now and then, so keep up the good work guys!)

    • Elliott… it’s clearly a cartoon before you click the link. You really need to lighten up a little.

    • Good to see you didn’t WASTE any more of your humorless time by banging out a whiny complaint.