The Other World – Episode 186

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  • Iam currently looking for a good used refurbished Chrome book,preferably touchscreen w/ at least 4GB and Intel. Do you have one somewhere? Thanks.

  • This series reminds me of a cartoon strip from the mid-late ’80s about a Mac Wizard who was bombarded by Mac 128K users complaining they couldn’t run the new version of Excel and the Wizard ranted that they needed more RAM.
    Well, I gotta ask this: if Hugo is so distressed about the color of his Ethernet cables, why isn’t he using WiFi? Smells like a similar problem to me. (I do have 2 Ethernet cables, but they’re both for my NAS devices.) All my Macs and printers only have power cables connected, and I wouldn’t have those if Nicola Tesla had ever found a way to wirelessly transmit AC!