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RSS 101: All of Your Favorite News and Blogs with One Click

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a summary of a webpage, often of a blog or news website. It is a list of the most recent articles, each one with a short summary, and without the advertising. It is sometimes referred to as an “RSS Feed”.

Good – the basics

Your Safari web browser allows you to display, organize and sort this information. If a webpage supports RSS, an icon will appear on the right side of the address/URL field. Click the icon to see the RSS page.

You can save it just as you would any other bookmark, and adjust the RSS behavior (update frequency, etc.) in Safari’s preferences.

A number in parenthesis, next to the bookmark or folder, indicates the number of new articles since the last time the RSS page was displayed.

Better – all in one place

Having bookmarked your favorite news RSS sites, place all of them into a single folder. Place the folder into the bookmarks bar for easy access.

Now, when you click on the folder, at the bottom of the list, you can choose to “View All RSS Feeds”, then read all of the news in a single list.

You can save this combined RSS list as a single bookmark. Thus, all of your RSS feeds are in one click, in one list.

You will notice in the gray organization bar, the sources are all listed so you can see just one source at a time, as well as organizing this RSS mega-list.

Best – ALL of your news

Many of us have a variety of interests, and we end up with several of these RSS mega-lists. You can place your collection of mega-list bookmarks into a single folder.

When you click this folder, choose “Open in Tabs” and all of your news will be sorted and displayed into their appropriate tabs with just one click. This is a quick way to get all of your favorite news in the morning.

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