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Overcoming ‘Island Time’: Kite Fest Media Crew Relies on Fast OWC Storage for Production

“We’re on island time!”

Within moments of your arrival in the town of Cabarete, you’re likely to hear this phrase casually tossed around. Essentially, it’s the locals’ way of letting you know that they’ll get to it when they get to it.

Island time doesn’t just apply to social plans; the philosophy also applies to official business. The Cabarete Kite Festival, for example, runs literally on the island’s time. Located on the Dominican Republic’s northern coast, the weeklong kiteboarding festival can’t begin each day until the island’s winds allow it. So, the festival starts when it starts…

However, there is one crew that isn’t given the privilege of operating on “island time” – the media team tasked with capturing footage and documenting the festival. Visual Image was on hand for all seven days of the 2018 Cabarete Kite Festival, shooting, live-streaming, and broadcasting the fest’s Air Games – and tight deadlines had to be met. In order to capture, secure and turn around footage in a timely fashion, the Visual Image team needed powerful and reliable hardware for its workflow that included OWC ThunderBay 4 and OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual solutions (pictured below) for storing the festival’s data.

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Each day, the footage and images from the competition were captured and immediately ingested into the ThunderBay 4 where it was protected with RAID 5 parity thanks to the built-in SoftRAID engine. With SoftRAID, the team knew that even if there was a problem with a drive, they would know in advance and remain protected should the worst occur.

Fortunately for the audience, the reliable combination of hardware and software kept things running smoothly and they were able to quickly experience or re-live all of the action from each day of the competition.


Knowing that Visual Image has not only a handle on capturing the event’s footage but also on keeping it secure with OWC storage is why Susi Mai trusts the team, which counts the U.S Department of State, Presidencia de la República Dominicana, and SUSI MAI Invitational among its customers.

“[Visual Image] is the crème de la crème,” said the event host and world-renowned kiteboarder about the production crew. “These guys are the best at what they do and have been awesome for capturing and storing everything from the festival.”

OWC CEO and kiteboarding enthusiast Larry O’Connor said that OWC acting as the official storage provider of the Cabarete Kite Festival is a natural partnership for the two.

“We produce high speed technology to make computers faster, to make storage faster,” O’Connor said. “All those big, fast, cool jumps … We make it easy for anybody from end users all the way up to major motion picture studios to capture what [these] guys are doing out there and show it in its best light. We’re really glad to be a sponsor and be a part of that.”

For more on the Cabarete Kite Festival and the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour, visit: and to see how OWC storage can enhance your workflow, visit

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