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Apple to Add 2012 MacBook Air to Vintage List with a New Twist

According to MacRumors, Apple has added the mid-2012 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air models to the vintage and obsolete products list as of Aug. 31. However, this new addition to the list comes with a twist.

Apple will include the 2012 MacBook Air models in its pilot program that it introduced in February, allowing for repairs to continue as long as the needed parts remain available. The Airs will be eligible for repairs at Apple Stores and authorized providers through Aug. 31, 2020 – two full years after its addition to the vintage list.

Apple began the program with iMac models in February, but only in the U.S. and Turkey. As MacRumors points out, this is the first time the program will expand worldwide.

Vintage Apple products are those that have not been manufactured for more than 5 and less than 7 years ago. Apple discontinues hardware service for vintage products in most cases. You can view Apples updated list of vintage and obsolete products here:

Upgrade Your MacBook Air
It’s unclear whether the program will grow to include other Mac models, but in the meantime, you can make upgrades of your own to your “vintage” or “obsolete” Mac with the My Upgrades tool.

By upgrading your “vintage” or “obsolete” Mac, you’ll not only bring a new world of performance possibilities, you’ll also avoid the unnecessary creation of electronic waste. You can even purchase Used Macs from and get a new-to-you Mac while saving money. Used Macs from are OWC Warranted and backed by OWC’s expert support team.

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  • Is this program still available? I just received my stimulus check, and would really like to upgrade my 2012 MacBook Air (which I purchased refurb from OWC in 2016, btw, and am very happy with).

    Or would I be better off trading it in towards the purchase of a newer model? MBA or MBP only, with SSD and USB-A ports.

    Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Michael! You can definitely still upgrade the SSD in that model machine, allowing for a performance boost and additional storage space. The RAM is not upgradable, since it’s soldered to the logic board. If RAM is a concern for you, you may want to look at upgrading to a newer machine. You can take a peek at the available upgrades here: My Upgrades

      Keep in mind also that sticking with a machine of that age may mean that soon, you may not be able to download the latest OS versions.

  • Why doesn’t Apple leave the legacy apps alone for the large population of users who don’t like constant change. Apple’s constant silly upgrades should be an option for those who have to have the latest and greatest. Leave the rest of us alone.