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Check Out the 2019 iMac 5K with 128GB of OWC Memory Installed!

Watch OWC Nick and OWC Chris as they install and test 128GB of OWC Memory on the 2019 iMac 5K. The iMac 5K is limited by the factory to 32GB of memory for the entry-level iMac, and 64GB for the others. With OWC you can install up to 4x the factory limit, plus save up to 62% vs factory memory prices.

See what Apple unveiled in addition to new hardware at its recent Show Time event here.

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  • Ive just ordered (dec19)a base level imacPro with 64Gb installed as a BTO. Is it possible to add more memory? Im sure it would requite lots of spudgers to get the screen off, and would have to await warranty expiry,but its really a question as to whether (1) there are any more slots and (2) if OWc does the neccessary fast ECC memory! if 1,2 Ok how much!!

  • Does it take as long as the Atomic memory test for the macOS to test the memory at startup? That used to be something macOS did, and the more memory you had the longer startups took.

  • I have a good question…: if I upgrade to 128 (32 x 4) but when I’m using 50/60/70 Does the mac would be faster with the configuration (128 32 x 4) or would be faster with (64 but 16 x 4) ???

  • You told me I could put 64 in my 2015 iMac and it didn’t work. I’m skeptical that there won’t be glitches,

  • Did you notice in the video that the iMac said the memory was upgradeable: No
    It’s because Apple assigned it the wrong model identifier. It thinks it’s a 21.5″ 2019 model.