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Welcome iPadders!

OWC web site on iPadIt’s been only 5 days since the iPad launch, with one of those days being a holiday, and the iPad has quickly made an impact on OWC’s site traffic by accounting for 1.23% of traffic. Granted, it’s not surprising that we got some iPad traffic as we’ve been part of the Mac community since 1988, but the amount of traffic we got so quickly was surprising nonetheless. One neat tidbit is that we got very light iPad traffic pre-launch as well, likely from reviewers and perhaps Steve Jobs himself – it’s possible right? Hi Steve.

Being the OWC Web Manager I’m always looking at the customer experience, and I must say Apple did a phenomenal job with Safari on iPad. Using the iPad you get the same full OWC web site featuring: memory for nearly every Mac made, external / internal storage, accessories, software, cables, batteries, adapters, tips, and install videos, for your Mac, iPod, iPhone, and now the iPad. All supported by OWC’s US-based on-site experts from our LEED Platinum Campus in Woodstock, Illinois powered 100% by our wind turbine.

Our videos worked without any modification… just press play! For all the hoopla over not being able to view Flash-based video, OWC customers weren’t impacted at all since we’ve used QuickTime friendly video codecs from the start for all our videos.  (Note to other web site managers: there’s other video formats out there… just re-export your vids, it’s not a big deal.)

On iPad the OWC web site just works, but now you get to experience OWC with the gorgeous iPad display with its superior font rendering, along with the future of computing that is Multi-Touch.

One caveat: anywhere we say “Click here” on the site… feel free to interpret that as “touch here” ;)

Of course we expect the iPad numbers to grow as more people are exposed to this paradigm of computing and we’ll welcome you all with open arms and a fully working web site.

Let’s iPad!

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