🚀 TipOff #20: Password Protect a Folder on a Mac

Of course you protect your Mac with a password, but you can take your security a little further by password protecting individual folders.

  • Open Applications → Utilities → Disk Utility
  • Select File → New Image → Image from Folder
  • Select the folder you want to protect, choose to encrypt, and give it a password
  • Delete the original folder

Now going forward you’ll need to enter the password when opening the new “folder.”

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  • raises more questions than it answers

    you don’t mention selecting encryption in order to password protect it.

    even if configured for read/write, the folder disk image is of fixed size with no way to resize it (that I have found).

  • Thanks for the tip.
    Tried to place a shortcut (alias) of the dmg file on the favourites menu, but this does not seem possible, or is it?