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🚀 TipOff #22: Copy and Paste Mac Key Symbols (⇧⌘⌫)

If you are looking for the command key symbol, or the option key symbol, or the eject key symbol for Mac—this is a one-stop page that lists the most commonly used special key symbols. With your mouse, drag over and select the symbol you’d like to copy and then choose Edit→Copy or ⌘C — now you can paste it wherever you’d like. (Edit→Paste or ⌘V)

Commonly Used Mac Special Key Symbols

Tab forward
Tab back
Option (Alt, Alternative)
Apple symbol (only with Mac fonts)
Command (Formerly “Open Apple”)
Delete back
Delete forward
﹖⃝ Help
Up arrow
Down arrow
Left arrow
Right arrow
Number lock

Don’t forget to bookmark this page for reference!

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  • Super helpful. This resides on my Bookmarks bar for quick and easy reference. Thank you!

  • If you’re using a different font (I’m using Rosario for my Mac user group newsletter), all you get is a little box highlighted in pink (or whatever your system is set for), where the symbol should be. Selecting the character (the pink box), then changing the font to Lucida Grande will make the actual character appear.

  • Thank you! I have wasted so much time every time I need to type one of these this is a very useful resource.

  • Thanks for this helpful list. I.T. manufacturers and developers must think we can’t read any more, when they replace words everyone should know, with unintelligible hieroglyphs we’re often forced to look up, such as by having to mouseover in the Microsoft Office ribbons.

    • It worked for centuries with the ancient Egyptians. Just sayin’
      Never can remember all the myriad of alleged shortcuts. Its not the last cryptic invention that the technicians will develop to help the hoi polloi.