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Mac Memory Price Ride Going For A Dip

Roller coasters were a big part of my life before I came to OWC in ’06. So, I like to use them for visual references or analogies whenever I can. Currently, never a more appropriate use existed as OWC has been very aggressive of late to where we can substantially drop pricing on our 8GB memory kits for iMacs, MacBook/MacBook Pros, and Mac mini.

According to OWC Larry, our current pricing on these kits is as low as we’ve ever been…and that’s some good news after going up the lift hill last month.

Currently, the kits are $319.99 with free delivery. You can enjoy even greater savings if you trade in your existing Apple 4GB (2GB x 2) factory memory modules for $60 cash back savings for a final purchase price of $259.99.

And if you’re considering buying a new Mac, the thrill ride gets even better. By upgrading to 8GB with OWC and doing the factory module trade in, you save $140 over doing the same 8GB upgrade via the ‘factory’. Then you have the intangibles like OWC brand memory being backed by a lifetime advance replacement warranty vs. the one year factory upgrade warranty…and its pretty obvious what queue line you might want to head towards.

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  • When I had an “issue” with my MacBook Pro in January of ’09, I took the machine to Apple. My 1-year warranty had expired but the friendly genius told me: Bring me the machine with all the components that were in the machine when you bought it. I charge you $310 and we’ll fix anything and everything that’s wrong with the machine.
    This means, in order to qualify for that, I’d need the original memory and hard drive, that came with the machine. I find it therefore rather “unwise” to trade in the original 4 GB – you never know when you need it one day.

    (My issue turned out to be a faulty 3rd party HDD and I did not have to get my laptop repaired after all.)

    • Hi Chris and thanks for stopping by…I won’t paste the entire contents of the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act…but the gist of it is NO manufacturer can deny a warranty repair claim unless the modified/changed component is the cause/culprit of any failure. There was a common misconception about this with the mini a few years back if you dig deep on the http://www...

      Bottom line, if the HD from factory was defective, and you upgraded memory from 4GB factory to 8GB OWC RAM, they have the burden of proof to show that the memory upgrade is the cause of the HD failure.

      Car manufs tried this…would say because you tinted windows, car was modified and that caused engine failure. Seriously.