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FCC Approves New Mac Pro

2019 Mac Pro front

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for those waiting on the new Mac Pro, it is. There wasn’t any doubt that Apple was going to be granted FCC approval for its latest and greatest powerhouse, but it’s the timing that matters. And today, the Mac Pro’s regulatory testing information was posted on the FCC registry site.

This approval suggests that the Mac Pro could be in stores very soon. How soon? It’s hard to say. Apple never did give us an exact release date when the all-new 2019 Mac Pro was announced at WWDC this past summer, only that it would be available sometime this Fall. Well, autumn is nearing its close, and Apple now has the green light, so we could see the Mac Pro hit the shelves any day now.

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So, are you ready for Mac Pro’s imminent arrival? OWC sure is! Keep your eye on the Mac Pro page at for everything you need to maximize the potential of this tower of power. And if you’d care to venture a guess as to when we might see the “buy now” button appear on Apple’s website, leave your best estimate and/or the reason why in the comment section below!

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  • Apple has been dragging its feet on this release – sadly a lot of us had to invest in other products as our fiscal year ran out this quarter – as did our patience. Not that a small studio matters one bit to Apple – but it sure wasted a lot of our time and hurt our ability to complete several big projects. Is what it is, we had to re-up our Windows investment and it will be a year or two before we can consider a Mac option again. Kinda stinks, but is what it is. We can’t put our business on hold waiting.

    • I love my 2015 27″ iMac at the office (we do newspaper layout, not a super-huge resource hog but a huge monitor hog, lol) but I would never invest in it at home.

      I just got through rebuilding my older X79 Sandy Bridge system as a X399 12/24 Threadripper system for less than $1000 (reusing PSU, case, drives, etc.) and couldn’t be happier.

    • To think this is the only machine Apple offers that can sustain your studio and make you a competitor would be short minded. The machines Apple currently has available can operate the heaviest pro tools HD and cinema editing without running raid, and if you can find a way to overload the machine then you still have an unlimited option of running raid to the nth degree. Your wallet is the limit not Apple or PC.

      • Except every single machine Apple makes outside of the new Mac Pro can and does thermally throttle under heavy load after just a short time. Some of those machines even let the system reach near 100C before the fans even kick in properly.

        They’re designed as throwaway machines, not machines that can withstand heavy studio-grade workloads. I finally had to go with a 9900k hackintosh because nothing Apple puts out was worth a damn for high end gaming. I had hoped the new Mac Pro would fix that, but proprietary solid state drives, high price, and lack of nVidia support took care of that.

        The lack of nVidia support is not trivial either. Depending on the workload or if you’re a gamer, you lose a lot of power being stuck with AMD’s lineup. Not even the 5700X can best the last gen 1080Ti, let alone the 2080/2080Ti.

        Apple’s politics and dragging its feet with the new Mac Pro has driving a great many of us to choose otherwise out of necessity. The new Mac Pro is out of the prosumer price range and is too little, too late for pros.

        And if the Xeon Scalable Gen 2 CPU architecture didn’t change enough from Gen 1, a maxed out RAM setup will actually decrease memory bandwidth as a single CPU Xeon Scalable reduces fully slotted RAM configurations to DDR4-800 MHz, a nearly 70% drop in available bandwidth. For maxed out RAM to have full bandwidth requires two CPUs controlling all channels. Apple only intends to make single CPU versions (they removed the component in OS X that allows/controls multi-CPU use in order to block the cMP 4,1/5,1 models from using Catalina and later).

        And to add insult to injury, Apple is now adding AMD specific functions to Metal that no nVidia GPU can access without potentially crashing outright.

        This is all too little, too late, and too much politics for those that needed this yesterday.

    • ditto. Why present something in June that you cannot roll out until half a year later?
      I was seriously considering the mac pro, but finally reconsidered.
      Unfortunate business practice.