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Opinion of iPhone 4 is High. Its Reception? Not so much…

It’s June 24, the day all iPhone devotees are lining up around Apple Stores across the globe, in hopes of being able to get their hands on the latest iteration of the glass-fronted marvel.

Unfortunately, with all of Apple’s attention to design, they missed a key issue: if you hold your iPhone in your left hand to talk, your hand acts as a conductor between two of the antennas, causing the phone signal to drop.

Fortunately, there’s a simple fix – any silicone or plastic case will keep your hand from connecting the two antennas, allowing you to talk all you want without shorting out your signal.

OWC Chris S.
the authorOWC Chris S.
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  • No fabrication here, true we do sell cases, however you won’t currently find one for the iPhone 4 on our site (as OWC Grant stated above).

    With a single exception, every call I made yesterday on my shiny new iPhone 4 dropped. To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement. Having to think about how I hold my iPhone is not something I’m willing to do.

    Somehow I have a feeling this being a “non issue” for some will turn into an “ISSUE” very quickly.

    I’m in complete agreement, I dislike cases all together. I am a huge fan of Apple’s gorgeous industrial design. Sadly, until there’s a proven fix for this, we may have no choice but to be “righties”…or learn a new Klingon grip.


  • I am disappointed to see this. I don’t like cases on anything: iPads, iPhones, iPods because they cover the beauty of the design. I’m sorry Apple worked so hard to make something look so elegant to then need to be covered with some (even clear) case. This is uncharacteristic of Apple, as this glitch seems so glaring and easy to find.

  • This is an outright fabrication, probably intended to sell iPhone cases. My tests show no such signal loss from any method of holding the phone, including the specific left hand grip shown in the video. Try it for yourself.

    This is just like when this company that makes bluetooth headsets circulated a video where they made it seem like the radiation from mobile phones was enough to pop a kernel of popcorn:

    • As noted in our Twitter reply to you…which you then later in a Tweet acknowledged many other sources reporting same signal loss, we have multiple iPhone 4’s dropping the signal here. And for the record…we have zero cases for the iPhone 4 for sale on our site currently or in the next few weeks.

      Ya may wish to follow us a bit Avery and ask others what they’ve known about us since 1988…we’re honest and passionate about serving our customers with leading products, services, and lately via social marketing…information. I know it can be hard to believe there’s a trustworthy company out there these days…but we’re consumers too…so we bring that desire to make a difference here everyday. We’re not perfect..and will admit so and make things right when the rare issue does occur…but you would be hard pressed to find a Mac/iPod/iPhone/iPad upgrades and accessories manufacturer more passionate about earning…and keeping your loyalty…than us.

      Glad you found us…hope we have the pleasure of serving you soon.

    • At this point, it seems the only solution is to use an outer casing. Any type will do, as long as it acts as a barrier between your hand and the antennas.

      The iPhone accessories market being what it is, you can probably expect there to be dozens of styles to choose from coming out over the next couple of weeks.

    • Actually, much like things like watches and baseball gloves, most lefties I know (myself included) use their phones in their right hand, allowing us to dial, or use the touch screen without switching hands. In that light, this is actually a case where being a lefty helps!

      Now we just need to fix the iOS keyboard’s bias towards righties. I was pressing “R” not “E”, darn it!