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Streamline Mac Spring Cleaning with Parallels Toolbox

Our very own Tom Nelson recently provided some wonderful tips on cleaning your Mac, both inside and out. If you find that some of the “inside” cleaning sounds a bit time-consuming or difficult, we have another solution for you — Parallels Toolbox.

Parallels Toolbox is a set of over 30 utilities for Mac and Windows that can be purchased as an annual subscription for $19.95, but it’s even more of a deal with the Parallels flagship app — Parallels Desktop for Mac — because it’s included along with the virtual machine environment.

Today we’ll take a look at just a few of the utilities that are part of Parallels Toolbox, complete with short video tutorials showing how each of these tools works.

Clean Drive

There are a lot of files on your Mac that can be safely removed every once in a while. Caches, logs, and temporary files created by the operating system tend to clutter up your computer and eat up valuable storage space. The Clean Drive feature of Parallels Toolbox scans storage periodically, then reminds you to clean out those pesky files. Here’s a video showing how to do this on a Mac:

Clean Drive

Pretty easy, isn’t it? That’s the way that most of the tools in Parallels Toolbox are. With a click on the menu bar icon and another few clicks, you can save gigabytes of storage, speed up backups, and keep your Mac clean.

Find Duplicates

Another tool can find duplicate files on your Mac that can be safely removed. Find Duplicates can even find duplicate files that have different names:

Find Duplicates

All you need to do is select one or more directories, and Parallels Toolbox goes to work finding those duplicates. Once you see what the files are, you can decide which of the duplicates to delete, saving even more space in your storage.

Free Memory for Mac

Sometimes your Mac acts sluggish if you didn’t buy it with enough memory or equip it with a RAM upgrade from Run a lot of apps simultaneously and each app chews up some RAM, and if things get a little too crowded, the Mac begins doing “disk swaps” to store working memory to storage temporarily. This really slows things down!

The Free Memory tool in Parallels Toolbox releases inactive memory on your computer, optimizing memory consumption, and overall computer performance.

Resize Images for Mac and Windows

Do you run a website? Work on a newsletter? Need to send a lot of photos through email? Especially with today’s high-resolution cameras, image file sizes can be enormous. The Resize Images tool lets you resize images, or convert them to a different format. All you need to do is drag the files to the tool’s window or dock icon, specify the preferred dimensions and file format, and let it go to work. This tool works wonders with batches of files.

The video here is of the Windows version, but it works similarly in macOS:

Resize Images (Windows version)


While macOS provides a built-in way to handle .zip files and several other common compressed file formats, Unarchive (paired with the Archive tool) gives you more control over your storage by minimizing the space needed to house certain files. Use Archive to compress unused files that you’d still like to keep around, then get them back in seconds with Unarchive.


As mentioned, these are just a few of the many tools that are available in Parallels Toolbox. While some may provide functionality that’s similar to other utilities or even macOS functions, it’s very handy to have all your tools in one easy to use toolbox. Pick up a copy of Parallels Desktop today to create your own Windows or Linux virtual machine, and enjoy the added benefit of Parallels Toolbox at the same time.

Steve Sande
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Steve has been writing about Apple products since 1986, starting on a bulletin board system, creating the first of his many Apple-related websites in 1994, joining the staff of The Unofficial Apple Weblog in 2008, and founding Apple World Today in 2015. He’s semi-retired, loves to camp and take photos, and is an FAA-licensed drone pilot.
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  • Tried to get into the package to buy the $19.99 annual advertised special, but the process would only charge the $99 full package, so IO abandoned.